GitHub CEO Says It Has to Follow Microsoft’s Lead on Working With ICE

Multiple GitHub employees recalled comments from CEO Nat Friedman made during an internal company meeting.


Internal Email Shows GitHub Plans to Renew ICE Contract

Even though GitHub leadership and others oppose ICE’s child separation policy, an internal email suggests GitHub won’t stop ICE from renewing a contract with the tech company.


Teens Use Tobacco as Much as They Vape—But, OK! Ban Flavored Juul Pods!

Weird how the Trump administration isn't going after the tobacco industry, which spent $23 million in lobbying last year.


How Colombia’s Peace Deal Is Failing

“You can try to put a band-aid on this conflict, but you can’t defuse the time bomb, because there’s a deeper social conflict that underlies it.”


Robert Kraft’s alleged sex tape is a big test for Florida’s open records laws

Why the NFL team owner is now fighting the release of the incriminating tape in his solicitation case.


Trump Defunded a Climate Advisory Group, So It Went Independent

President Trump stopped funding a climate change advisory committee in 2017. The group just released its first report today as an independent group.


The EU's new "meme ban" could change the internet forever

The fear of being sued may push platforms to “over-block” and throttle content that even vaguely resembles copyrighted material.


Brexit has been an utter disaster. Just ask these Brits.

"It's been shambolic," one person said.


China is using "Buddhist diplomacy" in its quest to dominate global trade

China has invested heavily in projecting itself as pro-Buddhist, in a calculated move to expand its multimillion-dollar Belt and Road Initiative


Armed pro-Maduro civilians are stopping aid from getting into Venezuela

We were on the ground with the "colectivos" that have transformed into de fact paramilitary groups.


I Spied on Germany's National Spy Agency

Because someone had to.