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The VICE Morning Bulletin

The VICE Morning Bulletin

Immigration center-stage at Trump's first State of the Union, executive order breathes new life into Gitmo, CIA boss said to have met with Russian spy chief, and more.
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Trump's State of the Union Is a Parallel Universe

A by-the-numbers speech Tuesday that utterly failed to address glaring crises didn't exactly unite the country.
Harry Cheadle
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VICE Meets Molly Crabapple

We sit down with the artist, writer, and activist to hear how she went from chronicling nightlife to sketching life at Guantánamo Bay.
VICE Staff

The Military Is Burning Art from Guantanamo That the World Should See

An exhibition of detainee art has the Pentagon riled, but destroying it is a cruel form of censorship.
Kara Weisenstein

The Horrifying True Story of a CIA Waterboarding Victim

Despite being tortured and in CIA custody for over a decade, Abu Zubaydah has still not been charged with a crime.
Adrian Levy
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Retired General John Kelly Is Trump's Pick for Secretary of Homeland Security

In addition to having four decades of military experience, the retired four-star Marine general is also the highest-ranking military officer to ever have a child killed in combat in Afghanistan or Iraq.
Lauren Messman
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How the Military Is Failing Its Guards at Guantánamo Bay

Navy vet Andrew Turner said he suffers from PTSD after the military left him unprepared for the brutal verbal and physical abuse he endured while serving as a high-level guard at the detention center.
VICE Staff
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A Gift From Guantanamo Bay

'VICE' correspondent Gianna Toboni tells us about the Qur'an she was given by a former Guantanamo Bay guard.
Gianna Toboni

What It's Like to Do Prison Time Without Ever Being Convicted of a Crime

We spoke to Moazzam Begg, a British man caught in center of the war on terror, and held for years in prisons around the world for no clear reason.
Mari Shibata

The VICE Morning Bulletin

This morning, Democrats stage a 16-hour sit-in for a vote on gun control legislation, Britain decides on whether to stay in the EU, Kim Jung Un claims North Korea's missiles can reach the US, and more.
VICE Staff

The VICE Morning Bulletin

This morning, one of Trump's lawyers donated to Clinton's campaign, Israel suspends Palestinian entry permits after terror attack, Ohio approves the use of medical marijuana, and more.
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The Shadowy Process Behind Guantánamo Bay Detainee Release Rulings

With the help of the Freedom of Information Act, we got a look at the secretive process of how Guantánamo detainees are evaluated for a second chance at freedom.
Jason Leopold