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‘Surviving R. Kelly’ Producer Dream Hampton Is Fed Up with Her Generation of Women

After having to call out Erykah Badu and Taraji P. Henson for seemingly sympathizing with Kelly, executive producer dream hampton let her generation have it.
Taylor Hosking

Weinstein Hires High-Profile Lawyers to Represent Him in Assault Case

Harvey Weinstein's new legal team includes the same attorney who represented Rose McGowan, one of the first women to accuse the movie mogul of sexual assault.
Marie Solis

Judge Throws Out Ashley Judd's Sexual Harassment Case Against Weinstein

On Wednesday, a federal judge dismissed actress Ashley Judd's sexual harassment allegations against Harvey Weinstein, leaving her with the sole option of suing him on the grounds of defamation.
Marie Solis

Judge Rejects Weinstein's Ask to Dismiss All Sexual Assault Charges

New York Judge James Burke ruled on Thursday that Harvey Weinstein will go to trial for five felony charges of sexual assault.
Marie Solis

What Life for One Weinstein Accuser Is Like After She Went Public

When Louisette Geiss accused Harvey Weinstein of trying to force her to watch him masturbate in 2008, she knew her life after wouldn't be same, but couldn't have predicted exactly what was to come.
Kimberly Lawson

Tarana Burke Remembers One Year Since #MeToo Went Viral

Monday marks the year anniversary of actress Alyssa Milano asking survivors to coalesce around the rallying cry "me too," a movement first started by Tarana Burke.
Marie Solis

Harvey Weinstein Sexual Assault Charge Dismissed by Manhattan Judge

On Thursday, a judge dropped a charge of sexual assault against Harvey Weinstein from Lucia Evans, one of three women involved in the New York case against the movie mogul.
Marie Solis

When Believing Women Isn't Enough to Help Them

"Believe women" became the #MeToo movement's rallying cry, but some say simply believing women may not be enough to accomplish the transformative change feminists imagine.
Marie Solis

#MeToo, a Movement Reliant on Reporting, Reveals the Limits of Journalism

Because of legal obligations, writing—and reading—journalism about #MeToo means suspending belief in people who come forward about sexual assault.
Sadie Graham

#MeToo Anniversary: Women Around the World Speak on Its Impact

As the movement marks its first year of existence, we asked women how things have changed—or not—in their respective countries.
Broadly Staff

‘BoJack Horseman’ Predicted the Return of Shitty Men Post-#MeToo

The show was written in the summer of 2017. After Harvey Weinstein's exposé, the writers only had to change one line.
Sammy Nickalls
New York politics

Andrew Cuomo Received $25,000 Donation From Harvey Weinstein's Law Firm

The New York governor accepted the hefty donation at the same time he temporarily halted a probe into the handling of a 2015 case about Weinstein's alleged misconduct.
Marie Solis