DHS is finally getting rid of those cages for kids it says were totally not cages

DHS has been doing gymnastics about what to call the fenced-in holding pens.


Serial Killer Bruce McArthur’s Sentencing Hearing Begins

Prosecutors warned those in attendance that graphic and gruesome details could affect the well-being of those in the courtroom.


These Butterflies Can Hear With Their Wings

For a century, nobody knew why Satyrini butterflies had inflated veins on their forewings. Turns out the structures are hearing aids.


Senator Suggests the Internet Needs a FOSTA/SESTA for Drug Trafficking

The West Virginia Senator suggested the idea during the Senate Intelligence Committee hearing on social media.


We Talked to the Guy Behind YouTube’s Most Satisfying Earwax Removal Videos

These clips of ear-canal cleaning will make you feel some type of way.


Five People Told Us What They Do For Their Tinnitus

The remedies they tried include everything from therapy and mindfulness to weed and noise-canceling headphones.


Mark Zuckerberg Says Facebook Will Have AI to Detect Hate Speech In ‘5-10 years’

In Silicon Valley, everything is "5-10 years away," which is the same as saying nothing at all.


Zuckerberg Says People Don't Understand How Facebook Uses Their Data Because Privacy Policies Are Hard

The Facebook CEO and billionaire told members of Congress that ‘long privacy policies are very confusing.’


Canada Is Gearing Up to Regulate Cryptocurrency

Canada is poised to become a global hub for cryptocurrencies, and advocates worry excessive regulation will stifle innovation.


Everything You Need to Know About the Congressional Cryptocurrency Hearing

Topics ranged from regulation for cryptocurrencies and ICOs to white nationalist extremism.


The SEC Is Mad About All These ICOs, Wants the Government to Regulate Cryptocurrency Trading

The commission may need new powers, chairman Jay Clayton told the US Senate.


Court to Decide If Woman Imprisoned After Stillbirth Will Go Free

On Wednesday, a court will hear the case of Teodora Vásquez, who has spent the last 10 years in a Salvadorian prison after being convicted of self-inducing an abortion, will have to finish out the remainder of her 30-year sentence.