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Louisiana Just Struck a Deal to Get An Unlimited Supply of a $24K Hep C Cure

The list price of Epclusa is $74,760; the generic is priced at $24,000.
Belle Cushing
William Turton

People in Puerto Rico Can't Get the Same Hepatitis C Meds as Other American Citizens Do

Unlike states, Puerto Rico’s federal funding for Medicaid is capped, leaving health officials with a difficult choice when considering covering hepatitis C drugs.
Carmen Heredia Rodriguez, Kaiser Health News
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I Would Have Started Heroin Recovery Earlier If I'd Had Access to a Safe Injection Site

There were no harm reduction measures available to me when I was in active heroin addiction. If there had been, I might have a different health outcome than I do today.
Ryan Hampton

Young Adults Are Increasingly Dying of Alcohol-Related Liver Disease

Cirrhosis deaths have increased in every state but one.
Jesse Hicks

The Battle to Get Expensive Hep C Treatment in Prisons

The disease is common in prison populations but states face a catch-22: spend their entire medical budgets on newer drugs or use cheaper treatments that are less effective.
Alex Smith, KCUR

Medicaid Leaves Many Hepatitis C Patients Behind

The price of treatment has dropped for everyone except the most vulnerable patients.
Sony Salzman
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Hepatitis A, B, and C: Symptoms, Treatments, and Facts

When it comes to STDs, it doesn’t get more confusing than hepatitis.
Eric Spitznagel
Living With It

I Got Hepatitis C and Lost My Friends

It felt as if I had been propelled onto another planet, a desolate place with no landmarks.
Elizabeth Rains
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Drug Needle Vending Machines Are Coming to Las Vegas

America's first clean needle machine could help curb disease among heroin addicts
Troy Farah

The VICE Morning Bulletin

White House wants women to register for draft, Trump picks James "Mad Dog" Mattis as defense secretary, French president François Hollande will not run for second term, and more.
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'It's Destroyed People's Lives': The Shocking Rise in Hepatitis C-Related Deaths

Hepatitis C is preventable and curable—but it now kills more Americans than any other disease. According to experts, stigma against intravenous drug users and sex workers may be to blame.
Nandita Raghuram
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How Big Pharma Drug Pricing Costs Us Our Health

AIDS activism group ACT UP is on the front lines again—this time in a global fight for universal access to 'miracle' hep C, HIV, and cancer medications. So what's stopping it?
Amelia Abraham