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Millennial Candidates Flex Their Relatability: I, Too, Have College Debt

But Swalwell and Buttigieg split over what to do about the student debt crisis.
Morgan Baskin
Late Capitalism

The College Scam Is Exposing All the Legal Ways Rich People Game Society

The real question is what took so long for the country to start looking at this stuff more closely.
Alex Norcia
Student debt

Here's the Democrats' plan for "debt-free" college

The proposed federal match would make debt-free college an immediately reality in 10 states.
Rex Santus

‘Art Sqool’ Is a Game About Following Your Passion in an Exploitative World

Wait, shit, is this a scam?
Cameron Kunzelman
Late Capitalism

What a Student Loan 'Bubble' Bursting Might Look Like

Let's game this out a bit.
Allie Conti
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Black students were pushed and shoved offstage for dancing at their graduation ceremony

The University of Florida is apologizing for students who were manhandled by a white usher.
Rex Santus
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Colleges are just ignoring Betsy DeVos' rollback of campus rape protections

It’s a win for anti-rape activists.
Katie Van Syckle

Legislators are Pushing a Law to Help Students Get Jobs After Graduation

Students are making life-changing college decisions with limited information, but a database created by the controversial College Transparency Act could change all of that.
Kimberly Lawson

Here's What the US Can Learn From Finland's Student-First Education Policy

US education policy makers could follow the lead of Finland's education reform that shapes its school system around what goes on in the classroom.
Alexis Chemblette

Europe and Asia Are Churning out College Grads at Higher Rates Than the US

America's struggle to keep up with other countries in producing degree-holding grads continues.
Impact Staff
Rise Up

POC College Grads Are Challenging Disproportionate Student Loan Debt

"Not all student debt is created equal."
Kimberly Lawson
Rise Up

College Is for the Rich, Now More Than Ever

Higher education is increasingly out of reach for many low-income, working-class and middle-class Americans.
Kimberly Lawson