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The College Scam Is Exposing All the Legal Ways Rich People Game Society

The real question is what took so long for the country to start looking at this stuff more closely.
Alex Norcia
Late Capitalism

What a Student Loan 'Bubble' Bursting Might Look Like

Let's game this out a bit.
Allie Conti
affirmative action

Is Trump Trying to Make Colleges White Again?

We asked an expert what happens if the federal government goes to war with affirmative action in higher education.
Allie Conti
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Most Republicans Think College Is Ruining America

A new Pew Research Center survey found 58 percent of right-leaning Americans think colleges and universities are harming the country—up 13 percent from last year.
Drew Schwartz
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This Genius 12-Year-Old Is the Youngest Person to Go to an Ivy League

Seems reasonable considering he read 'Lord of the Rings' at five and started studying calculus at six.
VICE Staff
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Grad Students at Private Colleges Can Now Unionize

In a landmark decision, the feds said graduate students who work as research and teaching assistants should be considered employees.
VICE Staff

I Asked Academia's Most Vocal Critic Why College Is a Waste

"There was a time when the university was a place of the mind where you expected academic freedom, where if you graduated from that university you'd actually be an educated person. Those things aren't necessarily true anymore."
Allie Conti
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Clinton Promises Free College to Anyone Whose Parents Make Under $85,000

Bernie Sanders praised the plan in a statement, saying that it will "revolutionize the funding of higher education in America."
VICE Staff
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How the Banks Stole Higher Education

Student debt is big business for the banks, and it's fucking us all over.
Irvine Welsh

Students Are Fighting to Force Colleges to Stop Asking About Criminal Records

Since 2006, people applying to schools across America have been asked about their criminal history. But there's no actual evidence showing that makes any sense.
John Surico

My Dad Is a 60-Year-Old Undergrad

Like my dad, more and more senior citizens are going back to school to update their skills and earn degrees to get better jobs.
Rachel Mabe

Debt Dodgers: Meet the Americans Who Moved to Europe and Went AWOL on Their Student Loans

Some cash-strapped former students are choosing to leave America behind in order to avoid paying off their giant debts.
Alexander Coggin