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This Alabama Dad Gave a Gut-Wrenching Critique of Roy Moore's Anti-Gay Views

"Constitution said all men are created equal. Well, how's my daughter a pervert just because she was gay?"
Drew Schwartz

The New Film by the Director of 'Oldboy' Is a Brutal Lesbian Love Story

We caught up with celebrated director Park Chan-wook to talk about his wild and wildly provocative new film, 'The Handmaiden.'
Mike Pearl

The Scientists Who Watch Animals Have Sex

One researcher launched his career after diligently documenting a mallard duck fucking another dead duck.
VICE Staff

Here's Why the Lavender Scare Still Matters

On the 60-year plague that was the Lavender Scare, its ugly legacy, and the artists working to find the road ahead.
Tanja M. Laden
The We Missed You Issue

The Brutal Consequences of Uganda's Infamous Anti-Gay Law

Uganda's infamous anti-gay law forced hundreds of LGBT people to flee to Kenya, a country nearly as inhospitable as their home. What can the UN do to protect them?
Jacob Kushner
Jacob Kushner; Photos by Jake Naughton

A Rare Work of Japanese Erotic Art Hits the Auction Block

Asia Week in New York means highly suggestive Japanese handscrolls are selling like hotcakes.
Catherine Chapman
The Up in Flames Issue

A Russian Gang Sent Its Flag into Outer Space

The gang's leader has garnered media attention before with statements like, "We have to burn out all the feminism and homosexuality from our Orthodox Christian country with hot steel."
Cecilia D’Anastasio

Meet the Director Bringing Homoerotic Theater to a Censorship State

Stanley Kubrick's film was banned in Singapore until 2011. Now a new stage play is pushing the boundaries even further.
Robert O'Connor
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New Study Says America Is Slowly Getting Less Religious and More Tolerant

A massive new survey from Pew found that America is inching toward godlessness.
River Donaghey
The VICE Guide to Right Now

A Former Fox Sportscaster Is Suing the Company for 'Religious Discrimination'

Former sportscaster and one-time US Senate candidate Craig James claims the network fired him for his public statements against gay marriage.
VICE Staff

This Is What It's Like to Come Out in China

"My sex ed teacher brought up homosexuality once. All he said was that it was a psychological disease."
Zak Dychtwald

What It Feels Like When Your Boyfriend Comes Out as Gay

The thought that Paul might be gay never crossed my mind. But I often wondered why he never took the initiative when it came to sex.