Why Tens of Thousands of Perfectly Good, Donated iPhones Are Shredded Every Year

A single electronics recycler has had to destroy 66,000 iPhones in the last three years because of the iPhone's Activation Lock.


How Hackers Break into iCloud-Locked iPhones

In this week’s episode of CYBER, Motherboard talks about the complex, underground industry of breaking into iCloud-locked iPhones, which brings together thieves, coders, and hackers from around the world.


How Hackers and Scammers Break into iCloud-Locked iPhones

In a novel melding of physical and cybercrime, hackers, thieves, and even independent repair companies are finding ways to "unlock iCloud" from iPhones.


Paul Manafort’s Terrible Encrypted Messaging OPSEC Got Him Additional Charges

Don’t commit crimes. But if you do, don’t back up the evidence of your crimes to Apple or Google’s cloud, where it doesn’t matter that the evidence was originally end-to-end encrypted.


The iPhone's Constant Password Popups Are a Hacker's Dream

PSA: be careful where you type your Apple ID password.


Apple Is Trying To Make Your iMessages Even More Private

Apple wants to make its cloud as secure and private as its devices, starting with iMessage.


UK Cops Arrest Man Potentially Linked to Apple Extortion

The man is suspected of blackmail and hacking offenses.


Apple Extortionists Trading Media Exposure for More Accounts

The Turkish Crime Family is allegedly creating something of a media-frenzy feedback loop to get more Apple related accounts.


Hackers publish nude photos of Leslie Jones on her website

Jones was one of the four co-stars in this year's all-woman remake of "Ghostbusters." Many people online, almost uniformly men, were upset with the casting decision.


Researchers Find iMessage Vulnerability, Decrypt Photos and Videos

The attack could have implications for other apps too.


FBI Admits It Was a 'Mistake' to Reset San Bernardino Shooter's iCloud Password

FBI Director James Comey admitted “a mistake was made,” but also said it would have still asked Apple to help unlock the shooter’s iPhone.


Apple Can Still See Your iMessages If You Enable iCloud

Apple's privacy game is strong, but only if you avoid the cloud.