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Libraries and Archivists Are Scanning and Uploading Books That Are Secretly in the Public Domain

Millions of books are secretly in the public domain thanks to a copyright loophole, a new project seeks to put them on the Internet Archive.


The Famous 'NESticle' Emulator’s Stolen Source Code Has Been Preserved

The release and preservation of the stolen source code to the iconic 90s NES emulator NESticle reflects a new chapter in a controversial saga with deep roots.


How to Download the Books That Just Entered the Public Domain

Public Domain Day was yesterday, but you were probably hungover, so here’s how to download the tens of thousands of books that became legal to download for free in 2019.


This 20-Year-Old Is Archiving Thousands of Flash Banner Ads From the Early 2000s

He's saved 4 gigabytes of ads so you can relive the old days of online casino and Lower My Bills ads.


The Internet Archive Fixes 9 Million Broken Links on Wikipedia

A heroic, knowledge-saving task involving two of the most important organizations on the internet.


The Internet Archive Can't Preserve the Web's History by Itself

The Joy Reid saga highlights the strengths and weaknesses of web archiving.


Relive the Golden Age of Tiger Electronics Handhelds Thanks to the Internet Archive

To save these games, the Internet Archive had to destroy them.


The Pentagon Has the Worst PowerPoint Slides You’ve Ever Seen

The military is just like us—it can’t PowerPoint either.


Inside the Insane Plan to Build an Unofficial Archive of All of Instagram

Instagram is trying to shut down the project, which has already archived nearly 600 TB of photos from tens of thousands of accounts.


These Ancient GIFs Are a Dose of Good Internet

A treasure trove of early computer graphics.


A 15-Year-Old Has Saved an 80GB Archive of Apple Videos From YouTube’s Censors

A massive archive of files deleted by YouTube has been saved as a huge torrent file.