'Two for Joy' Isn't Your Standard 'Gritty' Drama

We spoke to British filmmaker Tom Beard about his first feature length, which deals with grief, depression, class and, ultimately, hope.
Oliver Lunn
2 days ago

Tracy Clayton Is Very Excited About Returning to Podcasting, This Time for Netflix

We sat with the former host of BuzzFeed's ‘Another Round’ about her new ‘Strong Black Lead’ podcast.
Noel Ransome
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Desiree Akhavan Doesn't Mind Being a Hollywood Outsider

We spoke to the writer, actor, and director behind 'The Bisexual' and 'The Miseducation of Cameron Post' about… well, tons of things.
Daniel Dylan Wray
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Conan O'Brien Wants You to Know That Nothing Matters and You're Going to Die

"Eventually, all our graves go unattended."
River Donaghey

‘Burning’ Is the Angry as Hell Movie We Need Right Now

A conversation with Steven Yeun and director Lee Chang-dong about South Korea, Donald Trump, and why young people are so pissed off right now.
Karen Han

LeVar Burton Has a Message for Nonreaders Like Donald Trump

We talked to the famed 'Star Trek' actor about his past, present, and future.
Noel Ransome

‘BoJack Horseman’ Predicted the Return of Shitty Men Post-#MeToo

The show was written in the summer of 2017. After Harvey Weinstein's exposé, the writers only had to change one line.
Sammy Nickalls
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David Duke Is Apparently Worried He Looks Like an Idiot in 'BlacKkKlansman'

The former Klan leader called up Ron Stallworth, the cop who the film is based on, because he was "concerned about how he is going to be portrayed."
Drew Schwartz

The New Show 'Summer Camp Island' Will Fill the ‘Adventure Time’-Shaped Hole in Your Life

Indie animator turned 'Adventure Time' writer turned Cartoon Network's second ever female showrunner Julia Pott told us about her excellent new show.
Beckett Mufson
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Anthony Bourdain Thought Bill Clinton Was a 'Gropey' 'Piece of Shit'

The late author and chef continued to defend women in one of his final interviews.
Drew Schwartz
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Richard Dawkins Told Us What He Thinks About Memes

And then it got weird.
Mahmood Fazal
Desus & Mero

Tracy Morgan Had the Most Bonkers Interview in 'Desus & Mero' History

Get ready to meet the legendary comedian's freaky side.
Sarah Bellman