iOS 9


Here Are the Terms for Cellebrite's iPhone Unlocking Service

Cellebrite's in-house unit can unlock select iOS devices up to version 9.3.2, the company says.


How Online Advertisers Will Guilt Trip You Into Disabling Your Ad-Blocker

Online advertisers are proposing a truce of sorts between publishers and people who use ad-blockers.


Why the FBI's Order to Apple Is So Technically Clever

According to experts, the FBI's method could be applied not just to the shooter's iPhone 5C, but more modern versions too.


What Would Happen to You if Launching an App Took Five Seconds?

Running modern software on old phones may not always be the best idea.


Somebody Just Claimed a $1 Million Bounty for Hacking the iPhone

An unknown team of hackers found a way to jailbreak the new iPhone remotely.


A Couple Is Suing Apple $5 Million for Running Up Their Phone Bill

A newly default feature in iOS 9 allegedly caused a couple to use more cellular data than usual.


The Bug That Started the iOS 9 Jailbreak

This vulnerability opened the way for researchers to hack Apple's latest OS.


You’ll Want Android Marshmallow for This One New Feature

Now on Tap extends the power of Google Now across all of Android.


Even Mobile Telecom Operators Are Ad-Blockers Now

A few countries’ worth of ad views, just gone.


AdBlock Plus Will No Longer Decide Which Ads to Let Through

The company is handing the privilege off to a committee.


Apple’s Move to iOS App for Android Bombarded With One-Star Reviews

Android users don’t want anything to do with “iSheep.”


Ad Blockers Debut at Top of iOS App Charts

It turns out that iPhone users really don’t like ads.