How Telegram Became White Nationalists' Go-To Messaging Platform

More than two-thirds of 150 far-right channels were created in 2019, an exclusive analysis by VICE News found.


British White Supremacist Behind the “Punish a Muslim” Campaign Was Just Sentenced to 12 years in Prison

The former IT analyst also sent fake anthrax to the Queen and fan mail to Dylann Roof.


Man Who Tried to Shoot Up a Mosque In Norway Was Inspired By Christchurch and El Paso

It's the third time the Christchurch shooter appears to have inspired an attack on minorities.


Far-Right Extremists Are Threatening to Burn Down German Kindergartens for Taking Pork Off Their Menus

“The debate shows how widespread anti-Muslim racism is, and how openly hatred is now being articulated”


Watch a City’s Politics Shift Through the Rear View Mirror of Your Cab in ‘Night Call’

It's not much of a detective story, but 'Night Call' does have some great mysteries.


A Danish Politician Is Raising Money Burning Qurans on YouTube

Rasmus Paludan has reportedly made more than $1,500 using YouTube’s “Super Chat” function.


Mo Salah Has Singlehandedly Reduced Islamophobia in Liverpool

Since the uber-popular club signed the Muslim Egyptian national in June 2017, hate crimes fell 18.9 percent in Merseyside county


The Big Reveal of the Anti-Ilhan Omar Billboard Was a Fail

The rally against Rep. Omar featured a small beat-up truck with a screen instead.


A self-proclaimed Islamophobe allegedly shot up a synagogue. Some Republicans are blaming Ilhan Omar.

The suspected shooter is a 19-year-old white man. Why are Republicans pointing the finger at Omar?


A teen brought potassium nitrate to school after allegedly threatening to "blow up a Muslim church"

A classmate told his parents that one of his peers had talked about his desire to attack a mosque.


Cops arrest Florida man who allegedly threatened to kill Omar and Tlaib

He allegedly echoed President Trump's attacks on Ilhan Omar.


In Defense of Cancel Culture

“Cancellation isn't personal. It’s a way for marginalized communities to publicly assert their value systems through pop culture.”