This DC Taxi Driver Was a Superstar in Ethiopia

In the 60s and 70s, Hailu Mergia was a famous musician in Africa. But in the 80s, he made the painful decision to leave. Now he's poised for a comeback.
Avery L. White

All the Music Your Grandpa Likes Is Alive and Well on YouTube

But with a twist!
Joel Mathis
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New Short Film Discusses Black Identity as an American Ex-Pat in Paris [NSFW]

'The Leftovers' creator Damon Lindelof talks to Tamara P. Carter about her new series short, 'The Paris Project'.
VICE Staff

Jeff Goldblum Is a Silver-Haired Light in a Dark World

Goldblum finds a way...into my heart.
Jill Krajewski
Brooklyn's Dirty Masquerade

Trumpeter Etienne Charles Connects Jazz and J’ouvert

The Trinidadian musician tells us how freedom and folklore inspire the music of Carnival.
Alexis P. Williams

Kneebody Ventures into Politics with Their Latest Song, 'For The Fallen'

We hopped on the phone with the entire band to talk about the challenge of making message-driven instrumental music and how has jazz lost its political ties.
Patrick Lyons

What Sun Ra's Poetry Can Teach Us About Afrofuturism

"What I would like to see is a scholarly edition of his poems," says the author of a new book on Sun Ra. "I think they're worthy of that treatment..."
Patrick Lyons
The Music Issue

We Reviewed Some of October's Best Music

From Jenny Hval's latest album, 'Blood Bitch,' to alto saxophonist Steve Lehman's avant-garde jazz and hip-hop inspired 'Sélébéyone,' we took a listen to this month's best new albums.
Ben Shapiro; Kyle Kramer; Angus Harrison; Andrew

Empress Of Shares the Inspirations Behind Her Breakout Album 'Me'

On this episode of 'Autobiographies,' the singer-songwriter walks us through the process behind creating her debut album and becoming a breakthrough experimental pop artist.
VICE Staff
The Photo Issue 2016

Groundbreaking Images by the Founder of the UK's First Women's Photographic Agency

"If somebody wanted a photograph of a person doing a certain job, we would send them a photograph of a woman doing it."
Val Wilmer
The Borders Issue

Kamasi Washington's Father Helped Mold Him into a Jazz Master

Kamasi Washington's dad, Rickey, played an essential role in the talented musician's life, challenging and nurturing him so that he could become the man and artist he is today.
Wilbert L. Cooper

'Hitchhiking to Meet Kurdish Fighters,' Today's Comic by Akvile Magicdust

Two friends decide to hitchhike to meet their idols but things get weird along the way.
Akvile Magicdust