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This App Will Give You Free Movie Tickets in Exchange for Your Soul and Sanity

PreShow uses facial-recognition tech to constantly monitor you during 20 minutes of advertising—and if you look away, it pauses automatically.
River Donaghey

The Mysterious Case of the Suspended, Fully-Funded Kickstarter 'Smart Cheesemaker'

Fromaggio reached its goal in five hours, but the campaign was suspended "tragically and unjustly" two weeks later.
Bettina Makalintal

The 'Fyre Festival of French Press' Crowdfunded $3 Million But Never Delivered

After three fully funded campaigns, Rite Press says it's running out of money and just needs a little more.
Bettina Makalintal

I Self-Published My Memoir and I Have No Regrets

Self-publishing my book didn't just make me money. It was also a great way to build my platform as a writer.
Seamus Kirst
What Happened To?

What Happened to 'Scale,' The Game That Let You Shrink and Grow Everything?

In 2013, 'Scale' raised more than $100,000 on Kickstarter. Five years later, it's still not released. Why? Here's what we learned.
Patrick Klepek
game development

Where The Hell Did 'Mighty No. 9' For Vita and 3DS Go?

It's been two years since the disappointing spiritual successor to Mega Man came and went, but the developers still haven't fully delivered on their promises.
Patrick Klepek

‘Star Citizen’ Court Documents Reveal the Messy Reality of Crowdfunding a $200 Million Game

An early backer of the controversial space game wanted his money back, so he took it to small claims court, and lost.
Matthew Gault

This Kickstarter for 'Ketchup Slices' Is Suspiciously Similar to an LA Chef's Invention

'Slice of Sauce' wants to mass-produce slices of ketchup you can stick on a sandwich. Sounds a lot like Ketchup Leather, which has been around for years.
Mayukh Sen

I Tested Out the Video Game You Play Using Your Taint

Gaming in your underwear has never been easier with this new wearable that combines high scores and pelvic floors.
Justin Caffier

How Internet Trolls Took Down a Meme-Themed Restaurant

Catriona Crehan and her teenage brother closed the Kickstarter campaign after just 72 hours.
Mayukh Sen
Card games

Da Share Z0ne’s Admin Wants You to Know They Have an IQ of 208

Speaking to Admin, Dril, and other Twitter weirdos about the new Da Share Z0ne game “The Devil’s Level” and the person behind the bones.
Rachel Pick
The VICE Guide to Right Now

People Raised $175,000 for the Roy Moore Accuser Whose House Burned Down

Tina Johnson and her family are living in a motel room while police investigate the fire as a possible arson.
Drew Schwartz