This Guy Is Selling Quebec Cream Soda to American Rappers for $200 a Box

With his company Rare Drank, this "soft drink dealer" sells high-priced Quebec cream soda to lean dealers and American rappers.
Simon Coutu
A Year of Lil Wayne

We Need Lil Wayne Around No Matter What Kind of Songs He's Making

The rapper was hospitalized yesterday for a seizure, bringing up bad memories of past incidents.
Kyle Kramer
A Year of Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne Invented the Sound of Modern Drug Rap with "Me and My Drank"

When you think of syrup in songs now, you think of woozy Auto-Tune.
Kyle Kramer

I Relived My Glory Years At a Teen 'Party Awareness' Party

The simulated party meant to highlight dangers of teen partying, but even the parents were like whatever.
Alex Suskind
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

Watch Gucci Mane's Candid ESPN Interview

He joined Dan Le Batard and Bomani Jones on 'Highly Questionable' to talk everything from prison to addiction.
Alex Robert Ross

We Talk to Soulja Boy About Why He Drinks Lean Tonight on VICELAND

Host Michael K. Williams visits the Atlanta rapper on an all new episode of 'Black Market'.
VICE Staff

Inside Florida's Codeine Black Market

Long glamorized by Dirty South rap acts, "lean" is increasingly lucrative on the street thanks in part to prescription drug busts.
Francisco Alvarado

From 'War and Peace' to Rihanna—Why Is Everyone Mumbling?

There's more to lyrics like "dur dur dur dur dur" than you'd think.
Sam Wolfson
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"Screw Was Just as Slow as His Music": Lil Keke Remembers DJ Screw 15 Years After His Death

The Screwed Up Click member talked Screw's influence and legacy at a retrospective in LA.
Will Hagle

Does the UK's Fitness Community Contain Our Most Progressive Meat Eaters?

UK website MuscleFood.com recently added zebra steaks to an already exotic roster of meats in its shop, with all 900 selling out just five hours after launch. They're not the first fitness website to sell protein that's not from a chicken, either...
Eleanor Morgan

How To Avoid Taking A Shit At A Festival

Festival toilets are gross, but creating your own fecal butt plug isn't as hard as it seems.
Wendy Syfret

Now That It's Off the Market, Purple Drank Is the New Quaaludes

Despite not being all that great, sizzurp will go for exorbitant prices, and only the rich and well-connected will be able to get their hands on it. But is it so popular that Justin Bieber resort to sticking it in his butthole now that he can no longer...
Mike Pearl