Weed Week

The Weed Industry Is Burning Millions on DC Lobbyists and Getting Nowhere

Cannabis companies are learning that deep pockets aren't enough to influence Congress.
Chris Roberts
2 days ago

Robert Mueller Is Going After Shady Democrats Now, Too

The swamp might actually be getting drained.
Matt Taylor

Democrats Will Finally Do What Clinton Couldn't: Attack Trump's Corruption

The party just took its most important step yet to move on from the brutal hangover of 2016 and actually win back Congress.
Matt Taylor
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The NRA Now Says 'Nothing Could've Been Done' to Prevent Vegas

The organization offered the response after backtracking on calls for bump stock regulation.
Drew Schwartz

How South Africa's Racist Government Waged a Propaganda War in the UK

A look at the shadowy operation that lobbied in the UK for South Africa's apartheid government.
Ron Nixon
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This Kentucky State Senator Is Suing Because He Can't Get Gifts from Lobbyists

His lawyer called the state ethics laws "ridiculous."
Mike Pearl

The US Government Is Spending Millions to Illegally Lock Up Immigrant Families

Private prison companies are reaping in government cash to run detention centers for immigrant families, despite a court ruling ordering the Obama administration to close the controversial facilities.
Meredith Hoffman

A Candidate for Deputy Leader of the UK Labour Party Is Being Funded by Pro-Austerity Corporate Lobbyists

Campaigners are furious that Caroline Flint's campaign is linked to lobbyists for a company that judges whether to give benefits to disabled people.
Solomon Hughes

Middle Eastern Governments Are on a Shopping Spree for Former Congressmen

Over the past year and a half, regimes throughout the Middle East, from Turkey to the United Arab Emirates, have been snapping up former members of Congress to help push their interests in Washington.
Lee Fang
The Wall Street Issue

Your Retirement Fund Is Slowly Evaporating

Whether you know it or not, your 401(k) is likely being devoured by marketing fees, investment-management fees, administrative fees, and broker commissions—along with trading fees that pass on to you every time a mutual fund buys or sells a security.
Lee Fang

Trolls Paid by a Telecom Lobbying Firm 
Keep Commenting on My Net Neutrality Articles

Have you ever read the comment section of a blog post or news article and thought: Damn, these trolls must be paid by someone? When it comes to enemies of a free and open internet, at least, they really are.
Lee Fang

How Putin's American Fixers Keep Russian Sanctions Toothless

Amid carnage in Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin has kept his financial interests chugging along pretty much unscathed.
Lee Fang