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Standup Comedians Explain Why Louis C.K.'s Return Was So Infuriating

"Believe women, cool. But actually care about women?"
Alison Stevenson

Eleven Netflix Specials by Comics Who Didn't Make Women Watch Them Jack Off

You actually don't have to watch comedy performed by sexual harassers.
Nicole Clark
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Louis C.K. Is Already Back to Doing Standup

The comedian tried out some new material onstage at the Comedy Cellar less than ten months since admitting to his sexual misconduct.
Drew Schwartz

This Comedian Wants Performers to Boycott Just For Laughs

I sat down with fellow comedian D.J. Mausner to talk about why the world’s biggest comedy festival is an “accessory to sexual assaults.”
Celeste Yim

Jeremy Piven's Stand-Up Made Me Quit My Comedy Job

The former ‘Entourage’ star has been accused of sexual misconduct by eight women, but my former employer had no problem giving him a stage to perform on.
Jordan Foisy
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The Power of Apologies

On today's episode of 'The VICE Guide to Right Now Podcast,' we talk about the importance of saying and hearing the words "I'm sorry" in the wake of sexual assault and harassment allegations.
VICE Staff

How to Apologize, a Guide for Men

Say "I'm sorry" and accept that it won't mean people will forgive you.
Eve Peyser
Can't Handle the Truth

No, the Sutherland Springs Shooter Wasn't Antifa

And other fake news from the week.
Mike Pearl
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Comedians Didn't Need to Be Such Assholes About the Louis C.K. Rumors

Louis C.K.'s masturbation habits were an open secret in the comedy world. So why did so many comedians laugh them off before the 'New York Times' report came out?
Eve Peyser
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I Tried to Break the Louis C.K. Story and It Nearly Killed My Career

Hollywood is only woke when it's politically convenient.
Megan Koester
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Louis C.K. Admits Sexual Misconduct in New Statement

"The power I had over these women is that they admired me. And I wielded that power irresponsibly."
Lauren Messman
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Louis C.K.'s Upcoming Projects Are Crumbling

HBO, Netflix, FX, and production company the Orchard have weighed in on the fate of the comedian's stand-up specials and new film following sexual misconduct allegations.
River Donaghey