Marjory Stoneman Douglas


What Scot Peterson Did and Didn't Do During the Parkland Massacre

The 56-year-old school resource office was just slapped with 11 charges, including felony child neglect and perjury.


Parkland parents are in emergency mode after second shooting survivor takes own life

The student, a 16-year-old boy whose name has not been made public, was the second Parkland survivor to take his own life in the space of a week.


The "Road To Change" Tour: How Parkland students went from teens to activists

VICE News joined Parkland students as they spent their summer vacation touring the country and advocating for gun reform.


What exactly is Betsy DeVos’s school safety commission doing?

School safety groups say they've been kept in the dark in the months since Parkland.


Father of Parkland shooting victim is suing the school officer who didn’t go inside

"He let those innocent people die because he was a coward," the lawsuit alleges.


Police recreated the Parkland shooting with this simple but horrifying animation

The victims, depicted as dots, change color when they’re injured or killed.


'The Media Have Neglected Us': Black Parkland Survivors Speak Out

“I am here today with my classmates because we have been sorely underrepresented and in some cases misrepresented."


How one Parkland teacher is making sure the #neveragain movement never stops

She's helping build an organization through the American Federation of Teachers


The March for Our Lives Wasn't Just Another Trump Protest

Rather than a onetime statement about identity or resistance, the anti-gun-violence rally told a very specific story.


How big was the March for Our Lives?

The best D.C. crowd estimate so far is 334,000 trips taken on the city's Metro by 4 p.m.


“I might cry a little”: MSD students bring raw emotion to March for Our Lives

Tori Gonzalez remembered for her murdered boyfriend Joaquin Oliver.


Students across the country walked out of school today. They told us why.

Here's why some students say they are walking out of school.