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The Case for Leaving Fare Beaters Alone and Making Public Transit Free

Chances are everything you think you know about fare evasion is wrong.
Rick Paulas
Tunnel Vision

No, the Subway Doesn't Have to Be Insanely Hot and Gross

London cooled its tube subway system, at least some of the time. Why doesn't New York do the same thing?
John Surico
mass transit

Uber and Lyft are putting a dent in mass transit

Noah Kulwin
Tunnel Vision

The L Train Shutdown May Spawn a New Generation of Bike People

Will subway-addicted New Yorkers really go in on bikes when America's largest subway shuts down one of its major lines? Experts and advocates sure hope so.
John Surico
Tunnel Vision

What the L Train Shutdown Means for Queens

Everyone knows hundreds of thousands of people in Brooklyn will be affected by the subway closure. What about the neighboring borough?
John Surico

One Easy Fix for America's Infrastructure Crisis: Weed

The New York City subway—and lots of other important stuff people rely on across the country—is in a state of brutal disrepair. Legalizing weed could help.
Aaron Short
Views My Own

Andrew Cuomo Is Hiding from NYC's Subway Nightmare

The real reason the country's largest subway became such a total disaster.
Blake Zeff
Cities: Skylines

'Cities: Skylines - Mass Transit' to Free the City-Builder From the Car

At last, a new transportation infrastructure to obsessively optimize in 'Skylines'.
Cameron Kunzelman

What Opening Up an Isolationist Nation to the Global Economy Does to Traffic

Public transit is neglected and cars are piling up in the roads. Can Myanmar get the problem under control?
Catherine Trautwein
san francisco

The Immobile Masses: Why Traffic Is Awful and Public Transit Is Worse

Problems in San Francisco, New York, and DC highlight the failure of the funding model for mass transit.
Kendra Pierre-Louis

Everything You Wanted to Know About the New York City Subway

Radio Motherboard has an in-depth conversation about why the G train actually is the worst.
Jason Koebler

The Model That Can Predict (and Prevent) Transit Delays Two Hours in the Future

With "commuter prognosis," Sweden's train system will soon be able to predict the future.
Brian Merchant