MGMT Are Still Perfectly Strange

The band's fourth album, 'Little Dark Age,' is an '80s-indebted pop record that tries to celebrate through terrifying times. We sat down with Andrew VanWyngarden and Ben Goldwasser to talk it through.


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MGMT's new song “Me & Michael” was inspired by the “David the Gnome” theme song


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A decade on from neon leggings and slogan vests, their debut album still lives on as a record about letting go, immersing yourself in an experience.


​Song Exploder, Exploded

What makes a song a song?


Behold! The Full Length Batshit Crazy Trailer of 'Adam Green's Aladdin'

The ultimate pop weirdo, Adam Green, has remade 'Aladdin' with papier-mâché boobs, Macaulay Culkin and a butt ton of your favorite artists, including Devendra and Andrew from MGMT.


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What was once psych-pop is now Ratatat on amphetamines.


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Mike Buchanan is running for office in the UK with his feminist-hating political party, Justice for Men and Boys. But what good do single-issue political parties actually do?


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The latest Bond movie, Spectre, promises to be another grim, serious affair. But there was a time when James Bond was a cartoon, both figuratively and literally.


Crate Expectations: Carlo Lio

If you ever find yourself in Carlo Lio’s car, expect endless amounts of MGMT.


James Franco Speaks with Frank Bidart About Poetry

Earlier this spring we asked James Franco to interview the poet Frank Bidart for our June fiction issue. Unfortunately, great work is cut from our print magazine every month, and this was one of the pieces we couldn't fit.


We've Uncovered the Formula for Having a Hit Song in 2013

Phoenix, MGMT, Le Youth, and Fryars have all utilized the formula. It's pretty complicated.