This Giant, In-Depth 'Sopranos' Retrospective Is Full of Secrets and Surprises

Twenty years after 'The Sopranos' premiered, two TV columnists from Tony Soprano's hometown newspaper have released an exhaustive tome that includes eight conversations with show creator David Chase.
Alex Norcia

This Guy Infiltrated Hollywood for the Mob and Pulled Off a Major Scam

He was buds with Marilyn Monroe and (of course) involved in shady union extortion shit. Then he got whacked.
Seth Ferranti
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This Therapist Wanted a Client with Mob Ties to Help Her Bash a Guy's Face In, FBI Says

She also allegedly asked to have one of his arms broken so that he "can't do push-ups."
Allie Conti
true crime

Whitey Bulger's Real Life Was Crazier Than the Movies

The infamous Boston gangster and snitch was whacked on Tuesday in prison. His wanton brutality cast a long shadow.
Alex Norcia
true crime

This 'Snake' of a Mafia Boss Was First Accused of Murder At 17

He may have helped inspire 'West Side Story' and 'The Godfather,' and continued running things after he was locked up.
Seth Ferranti
true crime

I Was a Mob Enforcer and Somehow Got Out Alive

"It started out popping a few heads. Then you moved onto the heavy stuff."
Seth Ferranti
Organized Crime

Meet the Unconventional Mafia Boss Who Inspired 'Godfather' Don Corleone

Just like the movie legend, Frank Costello survived assassination and tried to steer his family toward respectability after a brutal past.
Seth Ferranti
true crime

Defending Al Capone

How the most notorious gangster of all time was railroaded in Philadelphia.
Marc Bookman
true crime

How Putin's Russia Became Mafia Heaven

Inside the long, strange story of organized crime taking over the former Soviet Union—and how Russia tamed it only to unleash it on the West.
Seth Ferranti
true crime

How a Bay of Pigs Survivor Became a Brutal American Mobster

The mess of a CIA operation had horrific consequences for the organized crime scene back in the United States.
Seth Ferranti

What Joey Merlino's Verdict Means for Philly's Mob Scene

We asked three Mafia experts what the hung jury means in the greater scheme of things.
Seth Ferranti
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Mobster Implicated in 'Goodfellas' Heist Going to Prison for Road Rage

After being acquitted of murder and theft, 82-year-old Vincent Asaro was given an eight-year prison sentence for setting fire to the car of a driver who cut him off.
Lauren Messman