Money Goals

Set Financial Goals You Can Slay Instead of Resolutions You'll Blow Off

Decide what you really want in life, then figure out what it will take to get there.
Amanda Bert
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Don’t Buy a Home with a Family Member Without A House Prenup

Multi-generational living can save money, but it’s important that everyone is on the same page about who pays the mortgage, how to cover ongoing expenses, and when it’s time to sell.
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Real State - Created With The National Association of Realtors

When Moving to a Small Town Makes Sense

Before you buy a home in a small town, make sure you're up for the longer commute to the city and the slower pace of country life.
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Dump Your Bank and Join a Credit Union Instead

If your bank is taking too much of your hard-earned cash in fees, all while denying you decent interest rates on your checking and savings accounts, it may be time to switch to a credit union.
Gina Ragusa

Make Tax Day Suck a Little Less This Year With Free Tax Filing

The bad news is taxes are due April 17th in 2018. The good news is you probably don't have to pay anyone to do them for you.
Desirae Odjick

Am I Ready to Buy a House?

Crunching the numbers on the American Dream.
Pauline Paquin

Slam Dunks

After the sun sets and parents tuck their kids into bed, the neighborhood houses wake up and come out to play.
Robert Sims

Boston's Foreclosures and Record Gentrification Aren't Just Random Coincidences

This June, a Boston activist organization occupied a house in the Dorchester neighborhood after the government denied a nonprofit's offer to buy the house. This occupation was another retaliation against an equity draught which has been stymieing...
Johnny Magdaleno
Motherboard Blog

How People Like Mark Zuckerberg Get "Free Money"

Mark Zuckerberg just refinanced his Palo Alto mansion for an exorbitantly low rate of 1.05 percent, according to a "report by Bloomberg": Why would the...