motion graphics


Dazzling 3D Monoliths Invade Japanese Cities and Landscapes

Shigeki Matsuyama combines real images with CG artworks, using WWI dazzle painting techniques.


Let 30 Video Visualizations Immerse You in the Wonders of Plant Life

For Italian musical group ‘Botanica’, design studio Super Symmetry created 30 videos that visualize the wonder of plants.


A Look at Aphex Twin's Twisted New Live Show

Aphex Twin’s latest live sets feature even more maximalist mayhem from digital artists Weirdcore and Andrew Benson.


Mesmerizing Video Showcases All the Weird Shit You Can Do With a Body Scan

Kouhei Nakama’s new video transforms the human form into rubbery geometric abstractions.


[Premiere] Travel to a Psychedelic City in this Groovy Animated Music Video

Drift through Lisbon’s famously artistic streets in animator Emanuele Kabu's video for the track "Azulejos" by Populous.


A Beautiful, Simple Animation Explains Marshall McLuhan's "The Medium Is The Message"

Watch this video because we need to be media literate or else we'll elect another idiot.


Dazzling Particles Randomly Generate Human Features

This kinetic video visualizes bodies with shimmering atoms.


Every Young Romantic Will Relate to This Animated Music Video

A moody, midsummer night's love emerges in Joseph Blanc's video for Dead Seem Old's "This Mess Won’t Make Itself."


Surreal 3D Animated Music Video Seeks for the Meaning of Life

French visual artist Quentin Deronzier pulls off 3D animated magic once again.


Think Your Job Sucks? Wait Until You See These Robots

Sisyphus' struggles ain't got sh*t on the repetitive gigs animator Michael Marczewski imagines in 'Vicious Cycle.'


Jaw-Dropping CGI Water Droplets and Insects Interact in a Macro World

Hayao Miyazaki's 'Boro the Caterpillar' might have a run for its money.


Dancers Melt Through Space in a Stunning CGI Experiment

A Korean animator bends time and space like Kurt Vonnegut's all-knowing aliens.