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All the Bombshells Rocking the Media World from Ronan Farrow's New Book

Matt Lauer exposed himself to a colleague at NBC, according to the newly released "Catch and Kill."


NBC Made Matt Lauer's Accuser Sign a Super Restrictive NDA

Women who lodged complaints against Harvey Weinstein, top Fox News hosts, and others have received financial settlements on the condition of strict confidentiality.


Matt Lauer’s Accuser Reportedly Told NBC Brass She Told the Anchor ‘No’ Multiple Times

Brooke Nevils did not use the word “rape,” but she “described one, unambiguously,” Ronan Farrow reported in the forthcoming book "Catch and Kill."


NBC Just Made a 'Good Place' Spinoff Miniseries About the Bad Place

It's basically a workplace comedy about demons.


We Almost Got a '30 Rock' Spinoff About Jack Donaghy Becoming Mayor

But Alec Baldwin wasn't into it, apparently.


NBC Hiring Lilly Singh As a Late Night Host Is a Very Big Deal

The YouTube star will become the only queer woman of color hosting a late night show on a major network.


This Guy Saved a Woman's Life with CPR He Learned from 'The Office'

"I’ve never prepared myself for CPR in my life. I had no idea what I was doing."


NBC Is No Hero for Firing Megyn Kelly

It might have been bad ratings, not the blackface controversy, that got her kicked off the network.


Megyn Kelly is reportedly on her way out from NBC show

Megyn Kelly did not host her NBC show Thursday and is said to be unlikely to return.


Trump claims the Lester Holt interview where he basically admitted to obstruction is somehow fake

“When Lester Holt got caught fudging my tape on Russia, they were hurt badly."


Watch Meek Mill's First Interview After His Release From Prison

The Philadelphia rapper joins Lester Holt on 'Dateline' 18 hours into his freedom.