New York


A Running List of US Cities and States Where Vapes Are Banned

Politicians are panicked in a state near you.


Tampon ‘Ingredient Lists’ Seem Like Alarmist Garbage

A new law in New York requires tampon manufacturers to list ingredients on packaging, but to what end?


NYC Restaurant Owner Ordered to Pay $64,000 for Repeatedly Discriminating Against Service Dogs

New York's Human Rights Law requires restaurants to accommodate guests who have service dogs registered with the Department of Health.


Threatening to Call ICE Could Now Cost Some New Yorkers a $250,000 Fine

“If you want to come into the ultimate city of immigrants and try to spread hate, you WILL face the consequences,” said New York Mayor Bill de Blasio.


Rep. Chris Collins Resigns and Will Plead Guilty to Insider Trading Charges

The congressman from New York was a congressional power player during the early days of the Trump administration.


Rep. Chris Collins Will Plead Guilty to Insider Trading Charges

It's a major reversal for the embattled congressman.


How to Take on America's Screwed-Up Foster Care System and Win

"I didn't know anything like what happened could happen to a new mother."


Restaurant-Themed Escape Room Opens in New York City, Still Less Terrifying Than Gordon Ramsay

The creators note that the room is extremely difficult to complete, and has "a cool M. Night Shyamalan-type twist."


Starting This Week, 26,000 Unvaccinated Kids Have to Get Shots to Attend School in New York

The state ended religious exemptions after a measles outbreak got almost 900 New Yorkers sick.


Media Is Crawling With Bugs

Roaches at the 'Washington Post.' Bedbugs at the 'New York Times.' Some sort of carpenter ant situation at VICE. What's with all the bugs?


New Accuser Says Epstein Raped Her After She Told Him She Was a Virgin

Three new accusers have sued Epstein's estate alleging that he abused them with sex toys and forced them to engage in other sex acts.


Nine NYPD Officers Have Died by Suicide This Year. The Department Thinks It Has a Plan.

The department has a 3-step plan. But not everyone is a fan of it.