Photos That Embrace Life on the Fringe

John Francis Peters documents travelers seeking a life beyond the systems and institutions that have failed them.
Clara Mokri
Make it

This Bacon-Wrapped Hot Dog Got the Michelin-Star Treatment

No matter what ridiculous hot dog debate you get roped into, Daniel Humm's hot dog is the answer.
Munchies Staff
food trucks

What Happens When One of the World’s Fanciest Chefs Starts a Food Truck

The chef behind Manhattan’s lauded restaurants NoMad and Eleven Madison Park has arrived in LA with foie gras-topped chicken burgers hot dogs larded with truffled mayo.
Hillary Eaton

Living as a 'Digital Nomad' Is Like One Super-Long Vacation

A growing number of people who can do their jobs from laptops are realizing they don't have to be burdened with a permanent "home."
David Jagneaux
New York

Chef's Night Out: Robert Bohr of Charlie Bird

"Unicorn wine," pizza, and fried chicken are just the beginning when we tag along for a night out with Robert Bohr and his crew of sommelier friends.
Robert Bohr

Charge Your iPhone With Two Sticks Like A Caveman

First there was fire, and then there was a full battery.
Annie Armstrong

Speed Rack Bartenders Are in a League of Their Own

Speed Rack is the underground, international, all-woman Olympics of speed bartending. After all, it takes nimble bartenders to obliterate the stale image of the genius mixologist and his supporting cocktail waitress.
Samantha Garcia