Five People on Their Favorite Things About Being Nonbinary

"Without a doubt, the most rewarding aspect of discovering and embracing my identity was realizing that I didn't need to conform to anyone else's notion of what gender is."
Anna Goldfarb
sex toys

Why the Future of Sex Toys Is Nonbinary

Gone are the days when hot pink, phallic contraptions were your only choice.
Sofia Barrett-Ibarria

Five Queer People on What 'Femme' Means to Them

"Femme" practices can be as empowering for one queer person as they are alienating for another. We asked five queer femmes about the unique ways they approach their identities.
Cassie Donish
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What We Know About the Fatal Shooting of an LGBTQ Student Leader in Georgia

Police said Scout Schultz was brandishing a knife when they were killed in a standoff with officers on Georgia Tech's campus Saturday night.
Drew Schwartz

What Happens When the Person You're Dating Comes Out as Non-Binary?

"It gave us more freedom to be and do who and what we wanted."
Belinda Cai

Why Can't My Famous Gender Nonconforming Friends Get Laid?

Jacob Tobia and Alok Vaid-Menon are femme nonbinary icons. But that won't get them dates, and the reasons why speak volumes about our discomfort with those who exist between genders.
Meredith Talusan
Pride 2017

A Party Has to Be More Than Gay to Qualify as "Queer"

Calling something “queer” comes with a responsibility to live up to what the term encompasses.
Rose Dommu

Deconstructing Binary Gender Norms Through Mutable Self-Portraits

Artist Alex Orellana deconstructs gender with photographs and code.
DJ Pangburn
sex work

What It’s Like to Be a Gender-Fluid Sex Worker

Jane Way tells us about being cast in cis female porn roles, how they deal with misgendering from clients, and the frustration of fluidity.
Jane Way

We Meet Members of India's Third-Gender Community on 'GAYCATION'

Ian and Ellen talk with an Indian pop group using music to raise awareness about the hijra population, one of the world's oldest recorded third gender communities, on the next episode of 'GAYCATION.'
VICE Staff
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A Veteran Won the Right to Legally Identify as Neither Male Nor Female

In a monumental decision, an Oregon judge said an army vet could be exactly who they want to be.
VICE Staff