Drag Race

'Drag Race' Star Valentina Identifies as Non-Binary

In a new interview with "Out" magazine, the "Drag Race" fan favorite opens up about their gender identity.
Sara David

Germany Introduces a Third Gender Category on Official Documents

Its parliament just approved an option for gender non-conforming, intersex, or non-binary people on birth certificates.
Sirin Kale

7 Parents on What They Learned from Their Trans Kids

Advice from parents of transgender and gender non-conforming children about how to be good to the young trans person in your life.
Serena Sonoma
Queerly Beloved

After I Transitioned, My Sibling Did Too

As adults, my sibling and I have both found our own queer chosen families—but before that, we found each other.
Diana Tourjée

Who Gets to Use the Term 'Partner'?

Some queer people feel it should belong to the LGBTQ community, but others feel the non-gendered term should be normalized for everyone.
Coco Romack

These Viral Space Pride Flags Are Proof the Universe Is Gay

Queer and nonbinary anthropologist Laurie Raye used pictures of stars, nebulas, and galaxies to make a non-binary flag—then, the requests for more astral LGBTQ pride flags started flowing in.
Zing Tsjeng

Five People on Their Favorite Things About Being Nonbinary

"Without a doubt, the most rewarding aspect of discovering and embracing my identity was realizing that I didn't need to conform to anyone else's notion of what gender is."
Anna Goldfarb
sex toys

Why the Future of Sex Toys Is Nonbinary

Gone are the days when hot pink, phallic contraptions were your only choice.
Sofia Barrett-Ibarria
Teens Explain

Why Today's Teens Are More Likely Than Ever to Be Gender Nonconforming

"We finally have the tools to describe ourselves in our own way.”
Linda Yang

Five Queer People on What 'Femme' Means to Them

"Femme" practices can be as empowering for one queer person as they are alienating for another. We asked five queer femmes about the unique ways they approach their identities.
Cassie Donish
The VICE Guide to Right Now

What We Know About the Fatal Shooting of an LGBTQ Student Leader in Georgia

Police said Scout Schultz was brandishing a knife when they were killed in a standoff with officers on Georgia Tech's campus Saturday night.
Drew Schwartz

What Happens When the Person You're Dating Comes Out as Non-Binary?

"It gave us more freedom to be and do who and what we wanted."
Belinda Cai