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Scientists Are Automating Plutonium Production So NASA Can Explore Deep Space

Researchers at Oak Ridge National Laboratory have eliminated a major bottleneck in the production of plutonium-238 for deep space exploration through automation.
Daniel Oberhaus
nuclear power

Russia Just Sent a Floating Nuclear Power Plant Out to Sea

The ship is being called a “floating Chernobyl” by environmental activists.
Daniel Oberhaus
Closing the Backdoor

Nuclear Power Plants Have a 'Blind Spot' for Hackers. Here's How to Fix That.

Malware hunters, regulators, and plant employees are hunting further down the supply chain for vulnerabilities as hackers continue to target critical infrastructure.
Sean Lyngaas

Workers at One of America's Most Sensitive Nuclear Facilities Are on Strike

The security staff say their replacement workers aren't adequate for the job.
Eric Ginsburg
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Scientists Worry About a Future Ice Age Crushing Our Nuclear Waste Vaults

The Greenland ice sheet is a useful stand-in for the future.
Kate Lunau

Unsafe Nuclear Waste Management May Put Eight Million Americans at Risk

Experts say the nuclear industry and Congress have put pressures on regulators to lowball the risk of nuclear accidents.
Daniel Oberhaus

Canada’s Nuclear Province Isn’t Ready for Its Fukushima, Critics Say

Ontario has launched a public consultation on its nuclear emergency plan.
Kate Lunau
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Radiation-Resistant Mutants at Chernobyl Pave the Way for Life on Mars

Radiotrophic beer is involved.
Becky Ferreira
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‘Into Eternity’ Is a Warning Message for the Future

The documentary chronicles the excavation of Onkalo, a nuclear waste repository made to last for 100,000 years.
Daniel Oberhaus
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This Vancouver Startup Is Chasing the Dream of Clean, Limitless Energy Forever

Nuclear fusion is always “50 years away.” But now it could finally, almost be here.
Bryson Masse
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Kitty Litter, Ocean Burial, Shooting It at the Sun: The Worst Ways to Stash Nuclear Waste

Humanity has come up with some unbelievably bad storage solutions for radioactive waste over the years.
Daniel Oberhaus
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Why Canada Is Selling Advanced Nuclear Reactors to China

Future reactors might be powered by thorium, a long-held nuclear dream.
Tomas Urbina