... on acid!


The Worst Time I Ever Did Drugs

"Right around the time the acid kicked in, a gun fight broke out."


We Talked to a Scientist Who Gave LSD to Cats Back in the 70s

It was a different time back then—all you needed for a legitimate scientific study was a bunch of cats, a sheet of acid, and a can-do attitude.


How Do Illegal Drugs Affect Women’s Fertility?

We looked into which drugs will compromise your chances of conceiving, which drugs will screw up your pregnancy, and which ones are, all things considered, relatively safe.


A Visit to Rob Zombie's Haunted House... on Acid!

It's recommended to be in a safe, familiar place when you're tripping so that you won't lose self-control from overstimulation. That makes a haunted house easily the worst place to drop acid.


A Visit to a Mormon Temple... On Acid!

A Mormon temple in Arizona recently hosted an open day. As Mormon Temples are usually strictly off limits to non-Mormons, I decided to drop acid and go for a look around. Dressed in my Sunday best, I ingested two tabs and headed down.


Angry French Bigots... On Acid!

In January, some bigoted French people gathered in Paris to celebrate their rage with a "Day of Anger." Everybody was made at one group or another. Our friend Félix dropped a tab and talked to all the pissed off people.


The Kentucky Derby... On Acid!

We could barely catch a glimpse of the horses as they pounded past on the wet earth. She had this terrifyingly blank look on her face, and she said, “The ground was shaking underneath me... so this little courtyard here suddenly became the ocean, and I...


Monster Trucks... On Acid!

When we heard that a Monster Jam event was happening about two hours outside of New York, we grabbed our buddy Dan, shoved two hits of acid down his throat, and headed up to Hartford, Connecticut, to find out what kind of damage a gigantic truck with...


New York Fashion Week... On Acid!

This guy here is our buddy Tyler. And that white stuff on his tongue is partially chewed, acid-dosed Altoids mints. When that stuff kicks in, Tyler will mingle with and interview fashion's elite while tripping his face off.


Super Bowl Media Day… On Acid!

As you may or may not know, tripping balls while in the middle of a gaggle of reporters shouting questions two inches away from your ears is the ninth circle of hell. On the other hand, I did get to talk to Artie Lange.


The Westminster Dog Show... On Acid!

We took some drugs and hung out with a bunch of bitches at Madison Square Garden.


A Sex Trade Show...On Acid!

VICE Germany gave their buddy Sascha a tab of LSD and sent him to Venus 2012, an erotic trade show in Berlin.