Scientists Discover a Meat-Eating Plant That Feeds on Salamanders

Add salamanders to the list of things that pitcher plants will eat.


Right to Repair Bill Killed After Big Tech Lobbying In Ontario

The bill would have been the first in North America to empower average people to repair their own devices.


Canadian Cops Will Scan Social Media to Predict Who Could Go Missing

Critics say that predictive models will lead to false positives and could disproportionately affect vulnerable communities.


I Went to a Weed Curling Tournament and Learned to Embrace My Inner Canadian

The 'bongspiel' was just about the most Canadian thing you could imagine.


What I Learned at the Opening of Toronto’s First Legal Weed Store

There was a Christian protester, a poorly thought out shirt slogan, and the owner doesn't smoke weed.


Elite Canadian Wolves Airdropped Into Michigan to Kill Moose and Have Babies

The new arrivals bring the total wolf population of Isle Royale National Park to eight.


Police in Canada Are Tracking People’s ‘Negative’ Behavior In a ‘Risk’ Database

The database includes detailed, but “de-identified,” information about people’s lives culled from conversations between police, social services, health workers, and more.


Father Charged with Killing His 11-Year-Old Daughter Dies in Hospital

Roopesh Rajkumar was accused of abducting and killing his daughter on her birthday.


Right to Repair Legislation Is Officially Being Considered In Canada

A newly-proposed bill could become the first legislation to ensure individuals and independent shops can repair brand-name devices in North America.


Amber Alert That Located 11-Year-Old’s Alleged Killer Sparks ‘Numerous’ Complaints

Police say the late night alert prompted many Ontarians to call 911.


Doug Ford's Influencer Daughter Promoted Illegal Cannabis Oil on Instagram

It seems Kyla Ford did not listen to her father's public warnings about the sale and promotion of illegal drugs.


Canada's Post Office Leaked Personal Data of Legal Weed Customers

The rollout of legal weed in Ontario has been a disaster, and now it can add a privacy breach to its growing list of woes.