Justin Timberlake's New Music Will Lean Heavily on Black Artists, Again

The 'Man of the Woods' singer appears tired of the woods; he just announced forthcoming collaborations with SZA, Lizzo, and Meek Mill.


Colin Kaepernick and Nike Are Right, the Betsy Ross Flag Shouldn't Be on Sneakers

Betsy Ross' flag is a reminder of slavery. We don't need it on shoes.


How to Expand the 'Have I Been Pwned' Brand

A tongue-in-cheek proposal to make Have I Been Pwned’s brand even more valuable.


The Nine-Year-Old Paying Off His Classmates' Lunch Debt Isn't a 'Feel Good' Story

Framing these stories as inspirational pushes us further into a bleak future where debt is inescapable, even in elementary school.


You Can Never Have Enough Garlic, You Fools

A bad tweet from the New York Times has ignited the garlic-obsessed masses.


IHOP is Changing Its Name Again and for the Love of God Please Stop

After last year's annoying IHOb stunt led to a huge spike in burger sales, the restaurant is doing it again.


In Defense of Wedge Salads, from the Father of the Writer Who Denigrated Them

We received this unsolicited opinion piece from writer Sydney Mondry's dad and it deserves to be published on VICE.


The Trans Ban Is in Effect, And Service Members Are Now in Jeopardy

I carried caskets in Arlington National Cemetery. I folded American flags for loved ones. I didn’t know anything about the gender identity or sexuality of those I carried—just that they died in service and wore the flag of this country to the grave.


I Stopped Trying to Make Sex a Performance and Started Loving Myself

I wonder what it would be like to just be natural, without pretending to be your “best,” “hottest” self to a partner.


'Leaving Neverland' and the Complex Process of Revising Your Memories

Learning of a loved one’s sexual violence can feel akin to betrayal, as I was reminded by HBO's documentary about Michael Jackson.


Disabled Activists Should Not Have to Die to Have Our Voices Heard

Carrie Ann Lucas's recent insurance-related death has brought new eyes to her work as a prominent activist—and is yet another instance of disability rights only gaining mainstream attention after one of us dies.


How and Why Did Brownies Become ‘Slutty’?

When we compare brownies to "bending over in front of your boyfriend with no underwear on," it's time to ask how we got here.