Congrats to Big Pharma on Finding a New Way to Profit Off of HIV Prevention

Gilead, the company that makes Truvada, just got FDA approval for Descovy, another form of PrEP. It costs nearly $1,800 a month without insurance coverage.


Here’s Yet Another Reason Why HIV-Preventing PrEP Should Be Free

Black and Latino men who have sex with men are less likely to get a prescription for the drug, which reduces HIV transmission by 99%.


Insurance Will Soon Cover HIV Prevention, But Many People Who Need it Still Won't Have Access

When Corey Walsh began using the drug Truvada, the pills were free but the quarterly lab tests and doctors' visits cost almost $400.


The Anti-HIV Drug PrEP May Be Getting Unfairly Blamed for STDs

The data shows that the opposite could be true.


Truvada May Be Getting Unfairly Blamed for the Spread of STDs

PrEP is great at blocking HIV, but as its use grows, so do fears that people will be more sexually reckless and spread other STDs. But researchers are coming to think that the opposite could be true.


The Myth That PrEP Is Just For Gay Men is Hurting Women

PrEP has been hailed as a revolutionary drug breakthrough in the prevention of HIV. But UK doctors are still having trouble convincing women it's for them, too.


Out-Of-Pocket Costs for PrEP Put the HIV Prevention Drug Out Of Reach For Many

It’s getting increasingly difficult for patients to afford Truvada, also known as pre-exposure prophylaxis, because of the drug’s high price and insurance company efforts to restrict patients' use of coupons.


We Talked to the Queens from 'RuPaul's Drag Race' About Safe Sex

Tackling everything from using condoms to PrEP.


Updated HIV Laws May Only Protect the Privileged

Lawyers warn that oversimplification of cutting-edge HIV science could backfire for the most vulnerable patients.


Trump's New Health Office Is Protecting Doctors' Right to Deny Care

The Office for Civil Rights is setting the stage for an unprecedented expansion in providers' ability to deny procedures like abortion, sterilization, and physician-assisted death.


I Prefer to Date Men Who are HIV Positive​

Research shows that if they're getting treated, I'm not at risk of contracting it from them—even without a condom.


How I Make My Mixed HIV Status Relationship Work

I'm HIV positive, but my partner is not. And though science has rendered that difference medically negligible, it's hard to shed decades of stigma overnight.