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In Photos: Guns and Kittens on Ukraine's Frontline

VICE News spent seven days embedded with the colorful and charismatic characters of a Ukrainian army platoon who feel they've been forgotten by their country and the West.


The Priest, the Pianist, a Cat, and a DIY Sauna—One Week in Ukraine’s Forgotten War

VICE News spent seven days in the trenches and bunkers of Ukraine's frontline, getting to know a platoon whose soldiers — and pets — have found flashes of luxury amid a ramshackle existence.


Suspected Russian Missile Parts Found at MH17 Crash Site

Prosecutors warned it cannot yet be concluded that there is "a causal connection between the discovered parts and the crash of flight MH17."


Meet 'Muslim': The Chechen Commander Battling Russia With Some Unlikely Allies

VICE News had afternoon tea with the leader of the Chechen "Sheikh Mansur" militia — one of three volunteer Islamic battalions fighting alongside right-wing groups in eastern Ukraine.


Russian Roulette (Dispatch 98)

In the latest dispatch from Ukraine, VICE News correspondent Simon Ostrovsky attends a beauty pageant for the female fighting contingent of the DNR.


In Photos: A Year of Conflict in Ukraine

Exactly one year after former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych was forced from office, VICE News takes a look back at the bloody, bizarre, and often heartbreaking aftermath.


Inside Rebel-Held Uglegorsk: Russian Roulette (Dispatch 94)

VICE News crossed into the DNR-held territory of Uglegorsk on the eve of the February 15 ceasefire to speak with soldiers and residents about the prospect of a truce.


Ukraine Ceasefire Ignored as Fierce Battle for Debaltseve Continues to Rage

Separatists that have encircled the strategic town of Debaltseve have reportedly said the truce that was declared Sunday does not apply to them.


Ukraine Peace Talks Falter as Shelling Continues to Kill Civilians

Peace negotiations in Minsk quickly broke down Saturday when Ukraine's envoy reportedly accused the separatist representatives of undermining the talks.


New Report Offers More Evidence Separatists Used a Russian Missile to Shoot Down MH17

A citizen journalism project claims new photos offer proof that a Buk missile launcher traveled from Russia to separatist-controlled areas in eastern Ukraine.


Drone Footage Shows Ukraine's Donetsk Airport in Ruins After Months of Fighting

The stunning footage shows shows bombed and burned out buildings amid a frozen landscape pockmarked by artillery and mortar shell impacts.


We Embedded with the Azov Battalion While They Trained and Conducted a Patrol

The group is allegedly linked to neo-Nazism.