Discord Just Banned a Server Selling DeepNude, an App That Undresses Photos of Women

A small community of people is dedicated to reviving DeepNude, a program that creates non-consensual nudes of women.


Creator of DeepNude, App That Undresses Photos of Women, Takes It Offline

An app that algorithmically 'undressed' images of women was taken down by its creator, citing server overload and potential harms.


This Horrifying App Undresses a Photo of Any Woman With a Single Click

The $50 DeepNude app dispenses with the idea that deepfakes were about anything besides claiming ownership over women’s bodies.


Prisons Are Banning Books That Teach Prisoners How to Code

Oregon prisons have banned dozens of books about technology and programming, like 'Microsoft Excel 2016 for Dummies,' citing security reasons. The state isn't alone.


Why This Revenge Porn Activist Is Selling Nudes to Get to DEF CON

The "tits to DEF CON" campaign, led by Badass Army, has already raised more than $11,000.


The Forgotten Operating System That Keeps the NYC Subway System Alive

Vintage technology has powered the innards of the NYC subway system for decades—and sometimes, it surfaces in interesting ways. This one’s for you, OS/2 fans.


A Man Used Snapchat's Gender Swap Filter to Catch a Cop Allegedly Soliciting a Minor​

The college student used a picture of himself made to look like a girl, and posed as a 16-year-old on Tinder.


This Deepfake of Mark Zuckerberg Tests Facebook’s Fake Video Policies

A fake video of Mark Zuckerberg giving a sinister speech about the power of Facebook has been posted to Instagram. The company previously said it would not remove this type of video.


Researchers Can Make People Say Anything in Videos by Rewriting Their Words

Using text inputs, a team of machine learning experts edited videos of people to realistically form words they never said.


Dark Mode Isn’t ‘Easier on the Eyes’ for Everybody

Apple’s new dark mode for iOS 13 can save battery life, but it won’t save everyone's eyes from screen strain.


Watching AI Slowly Forget a Human Face Is Incredibly Creepy

This time lapse of a neural network with the neurons slowly switching off is a haunting experiment in machine learning.