2 days ago

Catalonia's Protests Are So Big They Canceled the Barcelona-Real Madrid 'El Clásico'

For days, thousands of Catalonians have been in the streets protesting the jailing of nine separatist leaders.

4 days ago

A Group of Masked Men Attacked a Hong Kong Protest Leader With Hammers and Knives

Jimmy Sham, says the men aimed for his head, and when people tried to intervene, the attackers threatened them at knifepoint.


Hong Kong Protester Says She Was Sexually Assaulted by Police After Being Arrested

“Do you know the body-search room in San Uk Ling​ is all dark? Do you know I am not the only one who suffered sexual violence by the police?"


Hong Kong Cops Shot Him in the Chest. Now They've Charged This Protester With Rioting.

The bullet narrowly missed the 18-year-old protester's heart. Now he faces 10 years in prison.


Climate Protesters Used a Fire Hose to Spray Fake Blood. It Didn't Go so Well.

There's more fake blood on these bystanders than there is on the U.K. Treasury in London.


Hong Kong Protesters Tried to Sabotage China's 70th Birthday Party. Police Shot One of Them.

Video showed a protester shot in the chest at point-blank range.


The UN Promised Aggressive Climate Action. Will It Follow Through?

After a day of angry, passionate rallies, United Nations officials had a message for young protesters: We hear you.


Chinese Military Vehicles Just Entered Hong Kong. Beijing Says There’s Nothing to Worry About.

Armored personnel carriers and armed helicopters crossed the border into Hong Kong, in what China insists are regular military exercises.


Puerto Ricans Aren’t Just Preparing for Hurricane Dorian: 'We’re Preparing for the Government to Fail Us'

Puerto Ricans have little faith that their government will provide any relief after the storm hits.


A Gun Shot and Water Cannons: Hong Kong Protests Are Getting Scary

The police and protesters ramped up the violence significantly in the latest weekend of pro-Democracy protests.


Hong Kong Protesters Are Forming a 20-Mile Human Chain

They're recreating the historic protest that linked millions across three Baltic countries in opposition to Soviet rule three decades ago.


Hong Kong Stabbing: Attacker Allegedly Asked Victims About Their Views on Protests Before Brutal Assault

One person, a journalist, is in critical condition after being stabbed. Two others escaped with minor injuries.