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Hong Kong Stabbing: Attacker Allegedly Asked Victims About Their Views on Protests Before Brutal Assault

One person, a journalist, is in critical condition after being stabbed. Two others escaped with minor injuries.
Tim Marcin
9 hours ago

Putin Is Very Pissed Off at YouTube for Not Censoring "Illegal Mass Events"

The Kremlin is demanding that Google, which owns YouTube, do the government's dirty work and censor videos of protests in Moscow.
Tim Marcin
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Protesters Are Occupying The Hong Kong Airport. This Is Why.

Protesters unfurled a banner and distributed mock boarding cards with the destination: "Freedom."
Tim Hume
Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico Just Got Its Third Governor In One Week. She Might Not Stick Around.

A Supreme Court ruling handed power to former Secretary of Justice Wanda Vázquez, who would have been next-in-line in the first place.
Alex Lubben
Puerto Rico

The Guy Tapped to Become Puerto Rico's Next Governor Is "Throwing More Gasoline on the Fire"

Protesters don’t want Pedro Pierluisi in the governor's mansion.
Alex Lubben
Puerto Rico

Puerto Ricans Celebrated Gov. Rosselló's Resignation with a Massive Street Party

Complete with honking car horns and fireworks.
David Gilbert
Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico’s Governor Is Pissing Off the Island Even More

Protesters clashed with police, who used tear gas to disperse a crowd that threw bottles and rocks.
Alex Lubben
Hong Kong

Horrifying Footage Shows Masked Thugs Beating Pro-Democracy Protesters With Metal Rods In Hong Kong

Lawmakers are accusing their own government of colluding with the mob, whose attack put 45 protesters in the hospital on Sunday.
Tim Hume
Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s Leader Says the Extradition Bill is “Dead.” Protesters Don’t Believe Her.

Embattled chief executive Carrie Lam called the bill a "complete failure" and promised it won't be re-introduced. Protesters aren't buying it.
David Gilbert

This Museum Removed an 'Improper' Banana Video, Sparking Banana-Themed Protests

In response to "censorship" by the Polish government, people ate bananas publicly and wore peels on their heads.
Bettina Makalintal

Expensive Pop-Up 'Dome' Restaurant Under Toronto Highway Prompts Protest

The $500-a-table pop-up dinner is being held just a mile away from the site of a former homeless encampment.
Bettina Makalintal
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Macron tried to solve the French crisis through debates. Yellow Vests say it didn't work.

Macron’s response to the Yellow Vests: 10,000 debates across France.
Juliette Maigné
Hind Hassan