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NYPD Allegedly Destroyed Evidence in Civil Rights Lawsuit

Lawyers in the suit say the NYPD issued bogus summonses to people not guilty of any crime in poor and minority neighborhoods, then destroyed the evidence.
Tess Owen

Why Does the NYPD Think Dance Teams Are Street Gangs?

New York City cops are lumping dance crews together with actual street gangs, and experts say this assumption is dangerously misguided.
Sonja Sharp

New York City Cops Have a Choke Hold Problem, Says New Report

The city's new inspector general's analysis of NYPD disciplinary procedures "revealed troubling deficiencies from the top-down that must be rectified."
John Surico

A War of Words Is Escalating Among Current and Former NYC Officials In the Wake of Police Killings

Saying the mayor was not at fault for anti-police sentiments, Bill Bratton joins current and former New York City officials in voicing their opinions after the murders of two NYPD officers on Saturday.
Kayla Ruble

A Judge Says the NYPD Has to Open Up About Its Spying on Muslims

The notoriously secretive department might get a badly-needed dose of transparency when it comes to its counterterrorism operations.
CJ Ciaramella

Why Is the NYPD Waging a Shadow Drone War?

In this post-9/11 era of national security state excesses, the largest police department in America is freaking out over the possibility of weaponized drone attacks by developing its own drone program.
John Surico
The True Crime Issue

Why People of Color in New York City Still Don't Trust the Cops

Broken Windows policing targets racial minorities.
Matt Taylor

Al Sharpton Is a Huge Fraud

Though casting himself as a bold teller of truths, more often than not the Reverend Al Sharpton serves the agenda of those in power.
Michael Tracey

Has New York City Stopped Spying on Muslims?

The NYPD's notorious Muslim mapping program has been disbanded, but that doesn't mean the cops have stopped watching mosques and Muslim student groups.
Matt Taylor

Ray Kelly’s Path to Becoming America’s Big Brother

Senator Chuck Schumer recently suggested that NYPD commissioner Ray Kelly take over the Department of Homeland Security. Immediately a chorus of agreement went up talking about Kelly's "experience" and "professionalism," but putting such an...
Matt Taylor

Who Protects New Yorkers from the NYPD?

Nicholas Heyward is a haunted man. He is one of many New Yorkers who have lost loved ones to the police. The tragedy Heyward suffered has turned him into an activist. These days he spends much of his time calling for the Justice Department to review...
Peter Rugh

The Underachievers Talk About Stop-and-Frisk and Kimani Gray

The Underachievers have managed to rise up out of their Brooklyn neighborhood of Flatbush. But it wasn't long ago that they were getting stopped and frisked by the cops, just like the other hundreds of thousands of black and Latino male New Yorkers. I...
Wilbert L. Cooper