The Abortion Law That Could Have Given Fetuses Legal Rights Just Got Blocked

The Georgia law was set to go into effect on Jan. 1, 2020.


This Former Undocumented Immigrant Is Running For Congress — and She's All For Trump's Wall

She claims Democrats don’t care about immigrants like her. “They called us ‘Dreamers,’ and quite frankly, used us as political props"


Devin Nunes Thinks Democrats Really Want Nude Pictures of Trump

A bizarre start to the questioning of Acting Director of National Intelligence Joseph Maguire.


Republicans Are Not Budging on Trump and Ukraine

On Capitol Hill, Senate Republicans dodged and deflected VICE News' questions about the whistleblower report.


Trump Says Hell Yes Biden Should Be Investigated for the Ukraine Stuff

Trump isn't exactly denying he told Ukraine to investigate Biden if it wanted a better relationship with the U.S.


Mark Zuckerberg Just Turned Himself into a Congressional Piñata

The Facebook CEO went to Washington for the first time this year and let lawmakers take swings at him.


Pelosi Is Master-Trolling the GOP With This D.C. Statehood Thing

Visualize two extremely liberal senators joining Mitch McConnell in the upper chamber.


Greta Thunberg Can't Stop Roasting Congress

Celebrity teen climate activist Greta Thunberg had a message for U.S. lawmakers on Wednesday: Do better.


The Democrats Have Had a Banner Week of Doing Whatever the GOP Wants

The left wants the party to fight tooth and nail. The party has responded: "Get real."


North Carolina Republicans Tricked Democrats on 9/11 Because Otherwise ‘the Terrorists Win’

While House Democrats were at 9/11 commemoration events, Republicans snuck in an emergency vote.


Jon Ossoff Is Running for Senate in Georgia, But Some Democrats Worry He Can’t Deliver — Again

But the imperfect politician might be their best chance at turning the state purple.


Democrats Just Got Another Path to Senate Control — Through Georgia

A surprise retirement gives Dems another potential pickup opportunity as they aim for the minimum of three seats they need.