Amazon’s Home Surveillance Company Is Putting Suspected Petty Thieves in its Advertisements

Ring, Amazon's doorbell company, posted a video of a woman suspected of a crime and asked users to call the cops with information.
Samantha Cole

Amazon Is Hiring a News Editor for Its ‘Neighborhood Watch’ App

Neighbors, the ‘neighborhood watch’ app that accompanies Amazon-owned Ring doorbell cameras, is hiring a Managing Editor for news alerts in the app.
Caroline Haskins

How Amazon Helped Cops Set Up a Package Theft Sting Operation

Internal documents obtained by Motherboard detail the planning of an anti-package theft operation that used fake Amazon boxes rigged with GPS location trackers.
Caroline Haskins

Amazon’s Home Security Company Is Turning Everyone Into Cops

Neighbors, a social media crime-reporting app owned by Amazon, creates a digital ecosystem in which you are encouraged to assume the worst about your neighbors—and people of color are once again being harmed.
Caroline Haskins
internet of snitches

A Smart Doorbell Company Is Working With Cops to Report ‘Suspicious’ People and Activities

Ring claims its new app Neighbors will fight crime, but it could also become a platform for profiling and discrimination.
Sarah Emerson

A Shining Ring Rises Over the Brazilian Rainforest

Acclaimed Japanese artist Mariko Mori has installed an enormous illuminated ring in Brazil to coincide with Rio’s 2016 Summer Olympics.
Andrew Nunes

Watch This Flying Ring Propel Itself Around the 'Flying Machine Arena'

The Institute for Dynamic Systems and Control, ETHC Zurich is developing a new flying ring.
Madison Margolin

A Literal Ring of Light Will Hang Over the Brazilian Rainforest

Perched atop a Brazilian waterfall, Mariko Mori’s brilliant installation will make its debut before the 2016 Rio Olympics.
Andrew Nunes

Beyond Condoms: New Vaginal Rings and Gels Could Help Women Combat HIV

Due to inequality and biology, women are more than susceptible to HIV than men. Researchers are creating new tools for women to use on and their bodies without the help of men.
Emma Bryce
food crime

A New York Pizza Parlor Cocaine Ring Just Got Burnt

One Queen's pizzeria known for getting locals hooked on bubbly slices of Margherita pizza got into crispy territory last week after federal agents arrested the owners for allegedly running an international mob-connected drug-smuggling operation.
Fernando Lopez

Nail Art Comes Alive in Surreal Stop-Motion Manicure

These might be the trippiest fingernails we've ever seen.
Beckett Mufson
Motherboard Blog

Deconstructing the Aftermath of a Galactic Fight to the Death

Astronomers are treating it like a crime scene, forensically analyzing the splatter for figure out just what happened.
Amy Teitel