It Sure Looks Like Russia Is Trying to Cover Up Fallout From the Skyfall Nuclear Missile Accident

Russian intelligence officers reportedly forced doctors treating the injured to sign non-disclosure agreements.
Greg Walters
13 hours ago

Neo-Nazis Are Selling the New Zealand Shooter's Racist Screed for $4 on Telegram

The manifesto that inspired El Paso is now a hardcover book.
Valerie Kipnis
a day ago

Everything We Know About Russia’s Nuclear “Skyfall” Missile and That Mysterious Explosion

The weapon once hailed by Russian President Vladimir Putin as “invincible” is suspected of causing one of the worst nuclear accidents since Chernobyl.
Greg Walters
Tech news

A Nuclear Accident at a Russian Missile Facility Killed 7 People

Seven Russians are dead after the explosion, which experts say may have been caused by a test of a new nuclear-powered missile.
Matthew Gault

Putin Is Very Pissed Off at YouTube for Not Censoring "Illegal Mass Events"

The Kremlin is demanding that Google, which owns YouTube, do the government's dirty work and censor videos of protests in Moscow.
Tim Marcin

Russia Wants You to Admire Its Big, New “Hunter” Drone

Dubbed the S-70 “Okhotnik,” or “Hunter,” Russia’s first so-called heavy strike drone completed its maiden 20-minute flight without a hitch on Saturday, the Ministry claimed.
Trone Dowd
climate change

Why the Arctic Fires Are So Bad for the Planet (Aside from the Actual Flames)

The fires could create a feedback loop that only worsens the effects of climate change and leads to more fires.
Alex Lubben
nuclear war

The U.S. and Russia Just Moved One Step Closer to an All-Out Nuclear Arms Race

“The United States and Russia are now in a state of strategic instability; an accident or mishap could set off a cataclysm.”
David Gilbert
wild fires

Over 15,000 Square Miles of Siberia Are on Fire and It's “a Global Ecological Catastrophe”

Some 46,000 square miles of Siberia have been destroyed, Arctic ice melt is accelerating, and the smoke is choking Russian cities.
David Gilbert

Far-Right Extremists Have Been Using Ukraine's War as a Training Ground. They're Returning Home.

“I believe Europe is in great danger”
Tim Hume

Putin's Number One Critic May Have Been Poisoned After Organizing Pro-Democracy Protests

Alexei Navalny's doctor says he might have been deliberately exposed to a chemical agent while in jail.
Tim Hume

One of the World's Most Wanted Hackers Speaks

Phineas Fisher wanted to make a statement on CYBER to deny he’s an agent of the Kremlin.
Motherboard Staff