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Meet the Journalist Who Interviewed Ted Bundy for Months

“I wanted him to reveal himself for what he was. He was a piece of shit.”


Serial Killer Bruce McArthur’s Sentencing Hearing Begins

Prosecutors warned those in attendance that graphic and gruesome details could affect the well-being of those in the courtroom.


For Gay Brown Men, the Bruce McArthur Case Brings Up Tough Questions

Suggesting victims who weren’t fully out of the closet lived “double lives” only further stigmatizes them, experts say.


What Dating Apps Can Do to Protect Users from Alleged Killers Like Bruce McArthur

McArthur, a heavy user of gay hookup apps, is accused of killing at least eight men.


America's First 'Craigslist Killer' Was a Six-Foot-Tall Norwegian Widow

At the turn of the 20th century, serial killer Belle Gunness became a tabloid sensation.


Toronto police believe they've found serial killer's 7th victim

Warning, this post contains disturbing content: Police circulate photo of an unidentified man, asking for the public’s help in establishing his identity.


Alleged Serial Killer Had a Young Man Tied to His Bed When Arrested, Cops Say

Toronto police believe Bruce McArthur killed five men and dumped their remains in planters at job sites where he worked as a landscaper.


Cops Finally Made an Arrest in the Tampa Serial Killer Saga

Howell Emanuel Donaldson III, a former college student who worked at McDonald's, has been arrested in connection to a string of four fatal shootings.


Cops say they've caught the serial killer who terrorized a Tampa neighborhood

The Tampa police arrested a man on Tuesday in connection with a series of murders in the Seminole Heights neighborhood. The arrest came 51 days after the first of four connected killings that all happened within a 15 block radius—finally bringing the...


Apparent serial killer in Tampa strikes again

Police in Tampa, Florida are hunting an apparent serial killer who they believe shot and killed at least four people in the last six weeks.


Cops Say Japanese Serial Killer Used Twitter to Lure Suicidal Victims

Takahiro Shiraishi​ reportedly admitted to killing nine people since August after police found multiple severed heads and bodies in his apartment.