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America's Young Doctors Are Embracing Universal Healthcare

Unlike their older counterparts, today's physicians are looking to single-payer solutions.
VICE Staff
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The Best Stuff We Wrote in 2017

From Jill Stein to Russell Westbrook to LGBTQ separatists.
Jonathan Smith
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The Single-Payer Problem Liberals Don't Want to Talk About

The health insurance bureaucracy Bernie Sanders wants to destroy creates jobs for a lot of low-income women who form a key part of the Democratic base.
Monica Potts
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Want Single-Payer? Start Calling It Something Else

Progressives are pushing for a new healthcare system. But they need to think about the branding.
Harry Cheadle
Tracking Trump's Congress

The Democratic Party Is Having a Healthcare Battle with Itself

Here's what you need to know about the different sides.
Mark Hay

Inside the Long, Impossible Fight for Socialized Medicine in the US

Progressives have been dreaming of a government-run healthcare system for over half a century. Why can’t they get it done?
Harry Cheadle

Is It Finally Time for the Government to Hand Out Health Insurance?

Left-wing reformers say they know how to fix America's broken healthcare system, and hope to persuade Trump.
Harry Cheadle

More Americans Want Socialist Healthcare Than You Think

A new poll is just the latest piece of evidence that while everyone hates Obamacare, the idea of letting the government take over health insurance is actually pretty popular.
Harry Cheadle