Entire Plane Evacuated Because of This Woman's Emotional Support Squirrel

She wound up screaming "shut up, bitch!" at a passenger and giving everyone the finger on her way off the plane.


A Woman Saved a Drowning Squirrel Using CPR She Learned on 'The Office'

Dunder-Mifflin's bad CPR training just saved a real life.


A Bloodthirsty Squirrel Is Terrorizing a Brooklyn Park

An "unusually aggressive," potentially rabid squirrel has been tied to a string of attacks in Prospect Park.


Reddit Helps Store Solve Problem of Candy-Stealing Squirrels

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Squirrel Invades Court 5 at US Open, Might Have Rabies

"That's the most this crowd has cheered all match."


Britain Is Eating More Deer Than Ever

Sales of game meat in the UK rose by nearly 10 percent last year, something market researchers put down to the growing popularity of venison. Soz, Bambi.


MUNCHIES Presents: The Roadkill Connoisseur

Whether it's beaver or pheasant, squirrel or penguin, roadkill connoisseur Alison Brierly has probably eaten it. She shows us how to use the bounties of the highway to make Southern-fried squirrel and squirrel pot stickers.


Southern-Fried Squirrel Recipe

Who needs fast food when foraged squirrel is free of hormones, antibiotics, and pesticides? This tasty preparation will make you into a roadkill-eating convert.


George Takei Narrates The Enlightening Adventures Of An Animated Squirrel

In "The Missing Scarf", George Takei narrates the fears and struggles of winter woodland creatures.


The Rat Meat Business Is Booming in Cambodia

Many of us might bristle at the idea of eating rat, but there's a massive export market for rat meat from Cambodia to Vietnam, where it's more highly prized than pork.