Life Inside

A Minute by Minute Guide to Surviving a Day in Prison

You could get butchered and the guards wouldn’t know it until they discovered your bloodless corpse lying crumpled on the walkway.
Jerry Metcalf

It’s No Accident Americans Are Still Broke in a Booming Economy

A new study shows exactly how badly you're getting screwed, and why.
Matt Taylor

What It's Like to Be Trapped in a Cave for Ten Days

Twelve teenage soccer players and their coach have been trapped in a cave in Thailand for two weeks. Lothar Emannuel Kaiser understands what they must be going through.
Jan Karon
survival guide

This Is What It Would Take to Turn a Virus into a Weapon

“A well-funded organization with scientific expertise and the resources to grow, manipulate, or release agents, and the motivation to actually use them—that’s the worst-case scenario."
Abigail Fagan

How to Live Your Best Life Before and After Nuclear Armageddon

Only one man can clear up your skin, give you peace of mind, and provide world-class shelter in the face of a world-ending blast.
Michael Goldberg

2 Chainz Digs Through a $10,000 Luxury Survival Kit on 'MOST EXPENSIVEST'

The VICELAND host went searching for the priciest way to prepare for the apocalypse.
VICE Staff
daily vice

How Tattoo Removal Can Help Sex Trafficking Survivors Erase the Scars of Their Past

On this episode of 'Daily VICE,' we accompany a sex trafficking survivor to get a tattoo removed, one used by a pimp as a mark of ownership.
VICE Staff
daily vice

How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse

On this episode of 'Daily VICE,' we go to a zombie apocalypse training camp to understand why so many people are obsessed with preparing for the end of the world.
River Donaghey

What It's Like to Photograph the Refugee Crisis

Warren Richardson, who won this year's World Press Photo Award for his haunting image of Syrian refugees on the Serbian-Hungarian border, told us what refugees have taught him about survival.
Anna Gyulai Gaál

Meet the Man Who Survived a Plane Crash by Eating Human Flesh to Stay Alive

When Pedro Algorta's plane crashed in the Andes in 1972, he had to take drastic measures to avoid death. Forty years later, what's it like to know you ate your friend's hands?
Joel Golby
The Make Believe Issue

Prepping for the Apocalypse at a Doomsday Training Camp

I learned how to cut through zip ties, pick locks, and lived through a fake kidnapping—all in the name of girding myself for the lawless world to come.
Theodore Ross

A Black Man's Guide to Surviving Encounters with the Cops

One of the authors of "Encounters with Police: A Black Man's Guide to Survival" talks about Sandra Bland's controversial arrest in Texas and how people of color can attempt to avoid police brutality.
Carl Stoffers