San Francisco May Soon Have the World's First Transgender Cultural District

The announcement comes after tension between activists and housing developers set to build luxury condos in a historically trans-friendly neighborhood.
Toshio Meronek
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A Guide to the Amazing Banh Mi in SF's Sketchiest Neighborhood

There's more to the Tenderloin than meets the eye—and its Vietnamese food scene is a paradise of its own. From Saigon Sandwich to Sing Sing, here's the best.
Hilary Pollack

William T. Vollmann Channels His Female Alter-Ego Dolores in His First Art Exhibit

Vollmann has joined the mujahideen in Afghanistan, smoked crack with prostitutes, and even became an FBI Unabomber suspect. Now, he's taken on a different type of exploration through his female alter-ego at the Steven Wolf Fine Art gallery.
Heather Corcoran
Our Man in San Fran

Meet the Guy Who Earns His Living Drawing Peanuts Characters on Their Period

Living in an SRO means you're either one step out of homelessness or one step away from it. As part of our series on housing the homeless in San Francisco, we talked to a man who spends his days wandering between bars in the Mission and drawing dirty...
Jules Suzdaltsev
Our Man in San Fran

Visiting the Last Remnants of San Francisco's Low Income Apartment Buildings

San Francisco's SROs (single room occupancy housing) once used to function as low-cost dormitory-style apartments for the city's artists, students, and transient workers. In the first in a three-part series, we look at SROs today: mismanaged apartments...
Jules Suzdaltsev

I Went On a Police Ride-Along in San Francisco's Worst Neighborhood

The Tenderloin is San Francisco's most notorious neighborhood. It's as close as you can get to an open-air drug market in one of America's wealthiest cities. The police there have a friendly, yet parental relationship with the residents.
Max Cherney

Social Work in the Tenderloin Will Kill Something Inside of You

My friend Jenny is a social worker in San Francisco’s Tenderloin, a neighborhood containing seven of the ten most violent crime plots in the city. Homelessness, public drug use, and prostitution are said to be as common there as the liquor stores and...
Blake Butler