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Retired General John Kelly Is Trump's Pick for Secretary of Homeland Security

In addition to having four decades of military experience, the retired four-star Marine general is also the highest-ranking military officer to ever have a child killed in combat in Afghanistan or Iraq.
Lauren Messman
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Jihadist Leaders Think Trump's Win Will Be Great for Recruitment

Top ISIS and Taliban commanders are celebrating Trump's win, saying his anti-Muslim rhetoric will serve as a powerful recruitment tool for terrorist groups.
Lauren Messman
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The Feds Are Investigating al Qaeda Terror Threats Before Election Day

US intelligence officials have reportedly warned of an unconfirmed plot targeting Texas, New York, and Virginia the day before Election Day.
VICE Staff
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How the Military Is Failing Its Guards at Guantánamo Bay

Navy vet Andrew Turner said he suffers from PTSD after the military left him unprepared for the brutal verbal and physical abuse he endured while serving as a high-level guard at the detention center.
VICE Staff

The Questionable Science Behind Government Terrorist-Prevention Efforts

Is it ethical—or even possible—to determine who's a terrorist in the making?
Aviva Stahl
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Trump Rented Office Space to an Iranian Bank Linked to Terrorists

Trump has previously called Iran the "number one state sponsor of radical Islamic terrorism."
VICE Staff
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The War Against ISIS Is Succeeding, at Least on Twitter

The militant group is losing some of its pull on Twitter, thanks to anti-ISIS propaganda and thousands of account suspensions.
Janaya Greene
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Democrats Are Filibustering Over Gun Control Right Now

It looks like they want to amend a bill to include a section that would make it illegal for terror suspects to buy guns.
VICE Staff

What My Dad's Kidnapping by Muslim Terrorists Taught Me About Islamophobia

Terrorism almost destroyed my life before I was even born.
Sulome Anderson

On the Front Lines with International Volunteers Fighting ISIS in Syria

VICE Germany heads to Syria to meet the foreigners who left their homes and families to join the Kurdish ground troops in the fight against the Islamic State.
VICE Staff

What It's Like to Be on a Plane When It's Hijacked

While Tuesday's EgyptAir hijacking turned out to be somewhat of a joke, a survivor of the 1986 Pan Am Flight 73 hijacking shares what it's like to live through the terrifying experience.
Mark Hay
Life Inside

What Life Is Like in America's Highest-Security 'Supermax' Prison

Finger handshakes, the toilet phone, and the "shoe bomber."
Eli Hager