the singularity


The Death of Death

What young people can learn from a society of aging immortalists trying to live long enough to live forever.


The Musk/Zuckerberg Dustup Represents a Growing Schism in AI

Two distinct visions for the future of AI are emerging.


This Filmmaker Installed a Video Camera Into His Right Eye Socket

A gun accident left Rob Spence blind in one eye as a kid. So he put a working camera there.


I Talked to Four Humanoid Robots and They’re Mostly Dumb as Doornails

"Human relationships can be hard to define."


Watch the 19 Best Films About Artificial Intelligence at This Indie Movie Theater

Blade Runner, The Matrix, and the original Ghost in the Shell are just a few of the films that Metrograph will offer starting this Friday.


Is There Any Science in 'Westworld?'

Radio Motherboard discusses when we'll have have artificial intelligence on par with Westworld, talks about the state of AI research with a Facebook engineer, and an old friend returns to the show.


Disquieting Digital Abstractions Challenge the Nature of Reality

Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? Are we all living in a simulation? Morten Rockford Ravn tries to capture the confusion.


Why Humanoid Robots Are Invading Our Movies and TV

Between 'Westworld', 'Humans' and last year's 'Ex Machina', the influx of androids is undeniable. But it's not them we fear—it's something about us.


The Jesuit Priest Who Believed in God and the Singularity

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin’s ideas may have been ahead of his time.


Obama's New Executive Order Says the US Must Build an Exascale Supercomputer

A new "whole government initiative" will create supercomputers for a "post Moore's Law era."


Elon Musk Hopes These Researchers Can Save Us from Superintelligent AI

37 research teams are splitting $7.2 million to research how to keep machines friendly.