Meet the Renegade DJ Crew Who Helped Bring Rave Culture to the West Coast

From Burning Man’s first sound camp to LSD-fueled God delusions, Wicked looks back on their 25 years of hard partying.
David Garber

Detroit Exhibition Showcases 30 Years of Black Contemporary Art

Kehinde Wiley, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Carrie Mae Weems, and more showcase their influences on contemporary art at '30 Americans.'
Antwaun Sargent

Thomas Pynchon and the Myth of the Reclusive Author

Pynchon's cameo in the upcoming movie version of <i>Inherent Vice</i> will represent the first time the author has appeared in public in decades, but it's not as if the man is some kind of ghost.
David Whelan

Take a Trip Down Memory Lane with Emmy-Nominated 'VICE'

We're constantly pushing out new shit like a kid who's just chugged three jugs of chocolate milk on a hot summer day. But every now and then, it's good to peep in the rearview mirror—especially when you've had the kind of incredible year we have with...
VICE Staff
Motherboard Blog

Watch Japanese Acrobats Tumble in This Film by Thomas Edison

This short was published by Thomas Edison’s film company in 1904, and shows a Japanese man flipping a boy around in the air with his feet in front of a background that looks like a virtual reality version of a Roman-themed acid trip.
Derek Mead

Thomas Pynchon Is Going Digital

Will you read Gravity's Rainbow now that it's an e-book? Probably not.
Brian Anderson
The No Photos Issue

If You Post Pictures of Your Naked Girlfriend...

Do you think making art is more like masturbating to web porn or having sex with a beautiful girl?
Thomas Morton

TOXIC: Garbage Island

Come aboard as the VICE crew takes a cruise to the Northern Gyre in the Pacific Ocean, a spot where currents spin and cycle, churning up tons of plastic into a giant pool of chemical soup, flecked with bits and whole chunks of refuse that cannot...
VICE Staff