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At Least 15 Dead After Islamic State Suicide Bombers Attack Iraqi Military Base

Five suicide bombers attacked Camp Speicher, a former US military base outside the city of Tikrit that includes an area where Iraqi police are being trained.
Reuters and VICE News

Iraq Declares Victory Over Islamic State in Ramadi

Iraqi security forces with coalition support have taken another major town held by IS. Now they have to take from the militants the biggest prize: Mosul.
VICE News and Reuters
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Report Says Iraq’s Shia Militias Laid Waste to Tikrit After Kicking Out the Islamic State

A new report from Human Rights Watch accuses the government-backed militias of looting, extrajudicial killings, and destroying hundreds of homes and shops.
Atoosa Moinzadeh
Islamic State

Islamic State Releases New Footage Showing Scenes From Massacre of 1,700 Iraqi Troops

The militant group has released a 22-minute film that includes a mix of old and new footage of the carnage at the Camp Speicher military base in June 2014.

Loss of Ramadi Put Iraqi Government on the Ropes and the Islamic State on a Roll

The Iraqi government may have no good options open when it comes to retaking Ramadi.
Landon Shroder
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Iraq Might Have Lost 2,300 Armored US Humvees to the Islamic State in Mosul

Islamic State militants may have captured as many as 2,300 US-provided armored Humvees from Iraqi armed forces when they seized Mosul in June 2014, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi admitted on Sunday.
John Beck
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The Only Thing Iraq’s Sunnis and Shias Hate More Than Each Other Is the Islamic State

Iraq’s Sunni tribes and Shia militias are trying to put aside their history of bloodletting and find ways to support each other in the fight against the Islamic State.
Landon Shroder
Islamic State

Islamic State Takes a Stab at Legitimacy With Alleged Identification Cards as Forces Lose Ground in Iraq

Photos of new identification cards have surfacing on pro-Islamic State social media accounts, indicating an attempt at legitimizing the so-called caliphate in the face of territory loss.
Arijeta Lajka
Islamic State

Video Shows Islamic State Attacking Iraqi Refinery — But Their Oil Money Might be Running Dry

The assault on a major refinery in the northern city of Baiji comes after reports claiming the Islamic State has abandoned three major oil fields elsewhere in Iraq.
Gillian Mohney

Tikrit Refugees: Caught in the Middle

Days before the US launched airstrikes on Tikrit in late March, VICE News traveled to the front lines of the northern Iraqi city, where Iraqi government forces and volunteer militiamen are continuing to battle the so-called Islamic State militant group.
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Forensic Teams Exhume Tikrit Mass Graves Suspected to Hold Bodies of 1,700 Iraqi Soldiers

The Islamic State said it had killed the Shia soldiers, from the Camp Speicher military base, after taking the city in their lightning offensive across Iraq last year.
Harriet Salem
Islamic State

Iraqi Forces Claim Partial Victory Over the Islamic State in Saddam Hussein’s Hometown

Iraq’s prime minister claims the country’s security forces “have reached the center of Tikrit,” but Islamic State fighters still control several neighborhoods in the city.
Alice Speri