Bitcoin Is Forking. Again.

In November there will be three versions of the world's most popular cryptocurrency.


Apple Patches OS X Vulnerabilities After Cyberattack on Human Rights Dissident

Apple just issued a patch for yet another vulnerability discovered as part of the cyberattack on a UAE human rights dissident.


The ‘Million Dollar Dissident’ Is a Magnet for Government Spyware

This 46-year-old human rights defender has been a constant hacking target for the UAE government.


Meet NSO Group, The New Big Player In The Government Spyware Business

NSO just had its premiere iPhone hacking tool exposed.


Government Hackers Caught Using Unprecedented iPhone Spy Tool

The malware was used to target a political dissident in the United Arab Emirates.


Why Marching in an Anti-Nuclear Rally Is Both Logical and Completely Futile

It feels stupid to have to set out the case against Trident, Britain's massive "nuclear deterrent"—mostly, let's not kill ourselves and everyone we love.


Do These Picturesque Scottish Towns Need Nuclear Submarines to Survive?

The economy of towns and villages around the Faslane nuclear base rely on weapons of mass destruction that could kill us all.


Reasons Why the Nuclear Destruction of Life on Earth Is Good for the British Economy

The fiery death of humanity could eliminate the deficit crisis and be a boon to British workers.


Underwater Hobby Drones Are About to Become a Thing

The Trident wants to be the Phantom DJI of the sea.


As Many as 400 Migrants Feared Drowned as Mediterranean Death Rate Soars

The Italian navy rescued 142 migrants and recovered eight bodies after a boat capsized south of the island of Lampedusa. The UN says deaths have increased fifty-fold from the same period last year.


These Hippies Are Camping in the Forest to Rid Scotland of Its Nukes

For 32 years, a group of activists have been living in camper vans on the west coast of Scotland in an ongoing—and mostly hopeless—effort to convince the government to get rid of its nuclear weapons. Could there be a breakthrough if Scotland votes for...