Our Galaxy's Black Hole Suddenly Lit Up and Nobody Knows Why

In May, the supermassive black hole at the core of the Milky Way became 75 times brighter in just two hours.


Hundreds of college students and faculty in LA are under quarantine to stop measles outbreak

A sick student at UCLA exposed nearly 500 people to the disease.


California is trying to make sure something like "Operation Varsity Blues" never happens again

Democratic state lawmakers unveiled a package of bills that would make it harder for rich kids to buy their way into college.


Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is a Writer on 'Veronica Mars' Now

The NBA's all-time leading scoring is a basketball Hall-of-Famer, a published author and columnist, and now a TV writer.


NBA Dunk of the Week: The Combine and the Promise of the Future

The present is boring and for suckers. Behold the purity of the future and let it wash over you.


The Army Wants to Use a Theoretical Particle To Make an Unhackable Quantum Computer

A telltale signature of the theoretical particle was discovered last year. Now the Army wants to use it to build a quantum computer.


Solange's New Performance Art Installation Is a Peaceful Oasis

"Metatronia" brings movement, installation, and architecture all together for an immersive new experience at UCLA's Hammer Museum.


LiAngelo and LaMelo Ball Sign With an Agent

It looks like LiAngelo will not return to college, and LaMelo won't even enroll anywhere.


Donald Trump's highly abnormal presidency: the week of Nov. 20

Trump has been locked in an escalating war of words with Ball – a brash, self-promoting businessman – since Ball’s middle son, LiAngelo Ball, was released with two of his UCLA teammates from a Chinese jail earlier this month.


Baker Mayfield's Crotch, Wiscy Is for Real, and More: The Week in College Football

Baker Mayfield is the new Johnny Football (on the field) and the Badgers keep giving you reasons to believe.


Trump Wants LiAngelo Ball, UCLA Players to Thank Him for Release

He claimed they were looking at 10 years in prison.


The VICE Morning Bulletin

RNC ditches Roy Moore, Australia votes in favor of marriage equality, Sessions admits being told Trump aide had Kremlin ties, and more.